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12 Days of Hatemas……#10


Seasons Greetings fellow merchants of disdain and contempt for the American scum of the earth !! Yuletides of scorn ring out causing my heart to burst with the spirit of hate. Like Jolly Saint Nick, let me spread gifts of loathing throughout the lands ….

It’s the 12 Days of Hatemas featuring some of the most hated people in America (according to a worldwide poll taken by southpaw staff members and polling experts) in 12 separate installments…from number 12 to number 1.  This wonderful hatefest, in the spirit of the pure joy of hate during these festive times, is based on who spb believes are the most influential,  loud-mouth, ugly, obstructive, mean-spirited, racist, piece-of-shit motherfuckers throughout the year 2012….and who will, no doubt, continue to be in 2013 .

….we edge ever so closer to #1.  Who will it be?  Only the shadow knows….

NUMBER 10:   Richard J Stephenson and Nancy Brinker.  This duo, as much as any two in America, represent the ever-growing and  disturbing fusion between politics, healthcare, and corporate big money.  It’s nothing new, of course, but it’s reached historic and obscene proportions.  You’ll be seeing more of these symbolic connections as we get deeper and deeper into the top Days of Hatemas.  


Stephenson…..cancer “treater”…..teabagger

Nancy Brinker

Meanwhile:  Richard J. Stephenson.  Answer me this…how can someone be the head of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and simultaneously be on the corporate board of directors of Freedom Works….the founding organization of the Tea Party Movement?  Easy:  by being a money-grubbing, fucking little worm like Stephenson who could give a shit about cancer treatment for anyone unless it means maximizing his profits for this “for-profit” mega hospital system and who, of course, by virtue of being a tea bagger, has made it one of his top  priorities to privatize all health care with the ultimate goal of making health care, and especially cancer treatment, available only to those who can afford it.  How can any one be more of a fucker, I ask?  And this is a personal one for me given that my older brother died of brain cancer a year and a half ago and every time I see the Cancer Treatment Center logo of a peaceful, green tree…


…as if the tree itself is reaching out it limbs to help all those in need, I think of my brother who, although his health care seemed adequate as his terminal illness worsened over the months leading to his death, what would it have been if he had not had passable health care coverage and would have been left to the devices of the likes of Richard J. Stephenson? I ask.

Brenda Lovell 2

Stephenson poses with two corporate cronies and his mother, Mildred, to whom he promises state-of-the-art cancer treatment…at least until her savings run out. “After that I guess she’ll just have to die,” says Stephenson. “I’m afraid we can’t make exceptions even for family members. Otherwise, how can we expect to run a business….especially with Obamacare on the horizon.”

And then there are the thousands of others who likely die annually of cancer because of inadequate treatment or no treatment at all because they cannot provide a king’s ransom to the likes of Richard J. Stephenson.  All of this while Stephenson spends his “down time” pimping for  Freedom Works in his effort to further reduce corporate taxes, do away with any sort of government subsidized health care, and most certainly avoid at all costs providing any of his tens of thousands of employees eligibility to Obamacare.  This guy is a fucker to the 100th power and should have his nuts cut off and shoved down his weaselly throat.

President Bush Attends "Race For The Cure" Reception

Nancy Brinker is damn near as bad.  She, of course, is the man-woman, Steve Tyler (Aerosmith front man) look-a-like who is singly responsible for, almost overnight, turning what was once once seen as a philanthropic, apolitical, benevolent organization, Susan B. Koman For the Cure of breast cancer, into the image of a right-wing, ultra anti-choice group who would stop at nothing to end a REAL benevolent organization in Planned Parenthood.  Supposedly Brinker has “stepped down” and handed over the reigns of power due to the fact that she has become such a polarizing figure. Don’t bet on it (because if you DO believe she’s no longer pulling the strings of Komen, I have a piece of pristine beach front property to sell you in the Mojave Desert).  Komen has, unfortunately, plummeted in its influence in the field of advocacy for women’s issues, particularly that of breast cancer.  And that’s unfortunate because a strong advocate is needed and I don’t see any other organization stepping up to the plate.  But their “plummeted influence” is almost solely due to Brinker’s horrible decision to take away the chump change they annually gave to Planned Parenthood because of extreme pressure from Republicans, right-wing anti- choicers, and other fringe groups.   Brinker has only herself to blame since if you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.  Thankfully Planned Parenthood is all the more stronger since they, rightfully, played the victim role and exploited it to their financial benefit. So, three cheers for that.

And thankfully Komen isn’t a male organization run by men advocating for testicular cancer or something with, likely, a Elmer Gantry-like, pompadour wearing leader who, if having made the same mistake as Brinker, would only have had to done a few mea culpas via some crocodile tears, a la John Boehner, and recommitted himself to God as his savior, and all of the male-led Komen pussy male followers would have jumped right back on the train of support.  Thankfully women, as a whole, are generally stronger than that and it takes a lot more than superficial pandering to buy back their support.  I don’t see that happening ever with Nancy Brinker who, hopefully (but I doubt it), learned a valuable lesson out of all this:  if you mix politics, especially right wing interests, with what was, up to that moment, an organization that was seen as only good and doing nothing but good things for those most in need…..be prepared to lose almost all of it almost overnight….just……like…..that….(((Poof)))….it’s gone.  Fuck you, see you later…..and don’t let the door hit your fucking bony ass on the way out the door.  Be prepared for all of that…..and be prepared to be demonized forever, along with ratfuck, Richard J. Stephenson, as #10….of the 12 Days of Hatemas.