Study Shows that Republican Men Are Fat, Ugly, Pasty-White, Love-Handled, Christian Pussies

The results of a two-year long research study at Duke University has determined what many suspected already:  Republican men are fat, ugly, pasty white, love-handled Christian pussies.

Hugh Janus, a fat Republican Christian pussy washed out of the Duke experiment after only one week because of excessive masturbation to the lingerie section of Sears catalogs

“This was a difficult empirical study in some respects and easy in others,”  said Dr. Barry McDikkin who led the research project.  “The most difficult part was the correlation between the characteristics of ‘ugly’ and ‘Christians’ simply because some of the hundreds of Republicans that we used in our experimental design of statistical analysis were not necessarily as ugly as others which is where our problem with reliability and validity came into play.   In other words, not all of our Republican subjects were necessarily ugly per se…but we found that all of our ugly Republicans were, indeed, all Christians.”

Cox Ucker, a bald-headed Christian pussy, was one of hundreds of pasty white Republican men who participated in the Duke University study

“However,” went on Dr. McDikkin, “we also found that there was an extremely reliable correlation between Republican Christians and pussies.  Nearly 100 percent of our Republican subjects who were Christians were also pussies,” he said.

Luke Atmadick, is accompanied to the experimental location at Duke University by his domineering Christian wife who threatened to sit on his face if he did not participate in the experiment for which he earned $10 per hour

Asked how he knew they were pussies, Dr. McDikkin explained that under intense questioning, nearly all subjects admitted that they were sniveling, whining weasels who would fuck over even their best friends and family to get ahead…but were completely devoted to Christ as their savior but only in the most hypocritical fashion.

The father of fat, Republican, Christian pussies, Jerry Falwell

“The common denominator between all Republican Christian pussies is, without question, hypocrisy,” said McDikkin.  “Every single one of these men claimed a total devotion to Christ as their savior yet all of them, based on their answers to questioning, were remarkably susceptible to lying, manipulation, adultery, dabbling in child pornography, sexual abuse of anyone and anything they come in contact with, and generally just fucking everyone over who happens to cross their collective paths.”

Pete O. File, turned out to be the best subject of the entire experiment simply because he was not only a Christian pussy but, to those who knew him, a pussy hound

Asked who inspired this long and costly experiment, McDikkin said the entire premise of the experiment was based on the granddaddy of fat, love-handled, ugly, pasty white, Christian Republican pussies, Newt Gingrich.

“Obviously Newt Gingrich is who we used as a basis of our experiment,” acknowledged McDikkin.  “I mean, who else is as disgustingly fat, pasty-white, love-handled, and as much of a  Christian pussy as he is?  He is indeed the quintessential ugly, fat, pasty-white, love-handled, Republican Christian pussy,” said McDikkin.

The fattest Christian pussy of em all, Newt Gingrich

25 responses to “Study Shows that Republican Men Are Fat, Ugly, Pasty-White, Love-Handled, Christian Pussies

  1. Hilphuckingarious! Great site.

  2. thatsitfortheotherwon

    She turned him into a newt! Unfortunately, he didn’t get better.

    The only good thing about the hypocrisy of the right wing is the schadenfreude it generates when somebody spills the beans on one of these pussies. Thanks Ms Newt.

  3. My state senator, who is a Democrat, is partly to blame for South Carolina GOPers being fat. he owns the local Krispy Kreme franchise. While most people come in, order one doughnut and a cup of coffee at a time (including the cops), GOPers order dozens at a time, and not to share. If others do occasionally order a dozen, it’s to share with friends, co-workers, etc. GOPers, however, devour the entire dozen on the spot.

  4. hey those same fat pigs will vote against bills that would feed hungry children, health care , school programs .If it dosent line their pockets or fat gutsall they can say is NO. sorry fucken pigs need to be locked up and made to live with each other 24 /7 i hate republicanthey are of no use or value.

  5. Rush is NOT happy Newt won the competition for Republican men being fat, ugly, pasty white, love-handled Christian pussies, and he’s demanding a recount. Pillsbury Doughboy Glenn Glennda Beck is willing to have another competition on his show, and besides Newt & Rush he’s entering HIMSELF… as a candidate! Now the problem I see is, whose gonna judge? Sarah? That other crazy bi*ch Michele Bachman? Anyway, it’s a moot point because they’re all Christian pussies.

  6. ZOMG…

    I started snorting at the first photo caption.

  7. You forgot some republicans look like turtles~Mitch McConnell

  8. I cant believe they spawn children, poor kids

  9. “were not amenable” should be “were amenable”. Other than that, outstanding.

  10. Republican white pussies I can understand. But why are they all fat? Is there something about being a Republican white pussy that makes you want to eat a whole lot of fried potatos and potato chips and cheesie poofs? If they really think they’re so superior, who don’t they make more effort to bulk up and do the Aryan thing?

  11. In addition to the fact they ooze hypocrisy and chicken grease…they don’t take responsibility for shit…they will fuck anything and if they get caught in flagrante delicto they will lie like the dogs they are…and what is up with these dumb fucking hideous republican bitches they are hauling out…seriously???

  12. All older men are fugly. However, Republican men look like pallid, balloon faced freaks. They are ugly old dicks. They are the uglier subtype of ugly men.

  13. They look like their faces and bodies are made of smashed bread dough.

  14. Bitch, I mean Mitch, Mcconnell is one ugly mofo.

  15. Looks like the trolls found you Beagle!

  16. ROFL!!! Hi ya, Beagle. Orcas here but now I izza lizard.

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