On HumeSkeptic, The Great Informer

He took his user name from the 18th century philosopher, David Hume…and he used the picture of Albert Einstein, which he never changed, as his user avatar. That’s about the extent of my knowledge of HumeSkeptic, Huffington Post’s most legendary and enduring poster who, I understand through the usual grapevine channels of HP, died recently of cancer.

Hume, according to his profile, had been posting since Huffington Post’s inception in 2005. He had made the most comments (more than 90 thousand) making him the most prolific and recognized poster who was, arguably, the most popular if not controversial poster in HP’s short history based on the amount of people who had “fanned” him. Beyond that, I personally knew nothing about Hume. I didn’t even know his real name. For all I know it was, indeed, “Hume,” though that’s doubtful. How much can one know about a poster on a blog as Huffington Post, which is likely the most well-know blog in the history of the Internet? If you’re lucky or unlucky as it were, to actually get to personally know a handful of Huffington Post posters, this can be a good thing, I suppose, depending on one’s perspective. After all, Huffington Post (like all blogs and like the larger picture of the Internet) is a place where anonymity converges and becomes familiar, even intimate (or as intimate as one can be via words written on a computer screen), and where people who will, likely, never meet beyond sterile comments back and forth to each other, have written discourse as if they are best friends….or worst enemies.

One could make the case that you have to have some pretty impenetrable armor to venture into Huffington Post….especially if you, like Hume, are viscerally opinionated to the point that you are, seemingly, not afraid to “put yourself out there” each and every time you make a comment “at the top of the thread” as we say. But why should one be afraid? After all, whatever one gets in the way of replies from one’s comments on Huffington Post are just words, right? That would depend on who you talk to. I’ve noticed during my time on Huffington Post that there are many different types of posters but really only two major categories: those who post “at the top of threads” (meaning those who make comments as an original post and not as a reply to someone else’s original post), and those who simply reply to others’ original posts. Hume was definitely the former (an original, top-of-the-thread poster) who, from time to time dabbled in replies as well.

Hume set the bar to its initial height in original posting….and was never really surpassed no matter how hard others tried. When he posted a comment it seemed to command more attention from other posters simply because he was Hume. And he was both revered and reviled simply because he was, seemingly, unafraid to say what others would not necessarily say or, perhaps, simply because he was “Hume” and so recognizable. And that’s the way it is with Huffington Post. If you, like Hume, are a “top of the threader” prepare to be brutalized by those who may have different ideologies from yours. Sometimes replies to one’s comments can be so vicious as to cause people to quit Huffington Post altogether which begs the question, why the person who quits was willing to sign on to this blog to begin with. Yes, you do, often, have to have the thickest of skin to post here. But why? Why should any of it matter when, again, they are just words from god knows who from god knows where from god knows what background posting from god knows what perspective. It matters because we are, first and foremost, human with human emotions and human feelings who, like in any aspect of life, want to be regarded…even validated. One could make the case that our need for regard and validation is why we signed up for HP to begin with.

As for Hume, I’m not entirely certain he cared one whit about validation or ever wanted anyone to know much more about him beyond what one could learn about him from his extensive body of work of comments. If one were to define Hume based on his comments alone, one could perhaps conclude that he was, as he was so often accused by others over the years, insufferably arrogant, aloof, cold, bitterly calculating, even mean-spirited from time to time particularly when he was pompous and dismissive of others. But, if you followed him as much as I and others did over the years and examined his exhaustive body of work in its whole as opposed to the sum of its parts, you could conclude that he was our “great informer” on HP. He gave us the information, couched that information in his opinions, and then left it up to us how we wanted to use it. He could be very impatient with people if they made the mistake of replying to one of his informative comments in what he may have deemed in a naive or obtuse fashion. He could, in fact, take some more vulnerable repliers to his comments to pieces with ruthless abandonment. But was this done with malice? I guess the only way to know this for certain is to have known Hume…which so few of us actually did. My guess is, it was not with malice as much as it was with impatience coming from a man who wanted people to take the wealth of information and opinions he offered and “run with them” in order to formulate their own opinions and, subsequently, improve upon their personal knowledge base by virtue of having done so.

One of my HP friends made the comment today that he seemed to mellow recently in regards to his patience, or lack thereof. Perhaps this “mellowness” came from his illness and his impending demise. Perhaps he just grew tired of “gnashing teeth” with both friend and foe. Who’s to say? One thing is certain however: this prolific poster should not just die and go unrecognized as if he never existed in the first place because he was, for such a long, long time, our standard bearer and our defacto leader who was, seemingly and completely, unafraid to put himself out there on the proverbial “firing line” taking shots from all sides and seemingly unaffected by the things that people would say to him in the ruthless netherworld of the anonymous blog. Hume was a stalwart leftist who was uncompromising in his opinions that were certainly more often right than wrong.

But whether he was right or wrong about anything hardly matters. What does matter is Hume was always there to defend his cause…a cause shared by many of us….and had the guts and the courage to do it day after day after day which made all of us, including yours truly, a little less apprehensive….and, indeed, a little braver about venturing into the scary world of the anonymity of the blog. For that, he earned my admiration….and for that I shall miss him.

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  1. Sad, sad news indeed. You’ll be missed, Hume. There was no one else like you on HuffPo, and there never will be.

  2. Just yesterday 7/11 at HP, I learned that Hume had passed. I noticed not seeing him post awhile ago, I didn’t know he was ailing and certainly not gone forever!! I’m so, so sorry! To his family, please know that his presents at HP is a great loss. He once commented to me that he had assisted the homeless in LA but felt he hadn’t done very much lately … I praised him for that. He never mentioned why or that he was ailing.

    I loved reading his thoughtful, learned, factual comments at HP … may he rest !

  3. Hume provided us with incredible insight and a wealth of knowledge only a few posters have matched. I will miss his posts and his sharp wit. Rest in peace, Hume.

  4. Did anyone on HuffPo know Hume “in real life”? I’d love to make a donation to the American Cancer Society in his name, or see if his family is requesting donations to another organization in his name.

  5. What a wonderful remembrance, Southpaw. You have inspired me to write my own.

    Huffington Post is a place where men and women (and men and men and women and women) allow their romantic inclinations to spill onto the threads. HumeSkeptic was a romancer and was the subject of romantic interest as well.

    HumeSkeptic was an aggressive, proselytizing atheist and probably because of that I remember vividly a comment of his one night that he knew God when making love to a beautiful woman. I reminded him of that remark from time to time when it seemed to stand in jarring contrast with other manifestations of his posting persona. I would say something to the effect of, “And this from a man who knows God when making love to a beautiful woman.” I always got a laugh from another poster when I did this and, frankly, that was my intent.

    One day Hume’s romancing, which was lavished on many, many, women on HP, extended to me and it struck me that HumeSkeptic had a large heart–reaching out even to those who did not revere him but were inclined instead to mock him. That is my tribute to him–and one that I think that he would like. His heart was even larger than his colossal ego…and he knew God when making love to a beautiful woman.

    • He was not a romancer, he simply had a romantic and flirtatious nature. But he assumed that everyone knew that his flirtations were harmless and served only to create some fun. He was not like that in “real life.” That was his HP persona. In real life he was very humble and careful with people, especially women. He loved women, yes, but only because he thought them to be powerful incarnations of the divine. He thought us to be uniquely divine, and for that reason marveled at our beauty. That is why he made the comment about lovemaking and God. He thought that women had many more dimensions to them than men, and he saw joy in being able to experience those dimensions, to mingle with them. That was his nature – he like to mingle in other dimensions – and women provided the key to those dimensions.

  6. Very nice eulogy. Hume was one of a kind and will be sorely missed. RIP, great informer.

  7. Rest in Peace, Hume. You will always be missed and always remembered!~

  8. Rest in peace Sir. I very much enjoyed following your comments on HP.

  9. Rest in Peace, Hume. You will always be missed and you will always be remembered!

  10. Thanks SouthPaw, for the thoughtful eulogy…

    ‘Bye, HumeSkeptic.

  11. That’s just beautiful, LTTL. Hume once told me that he chose his avatar to remind himself never to take himself too seriously. (He did need reminding from time to time.)

    It’s an odd feeling to lose someone we didn’t really know, but with whom we were in daily communication for the past couple of years. I don’t know what to do with my sadness, what value to assign to it.

    Let me say this: Hume was exceptionally kind and patient with me, even when we disagreed. He was as playful as he was professorial. I, like many of you here have expressed, will miss him terribly.

    • His soft spot for women. Perhaps the only soft spot he ever communicated on the threads. And one that endeared him to many of us. I feel connected to others through their soft spots and I am very sad to learn of his passing.

    • Chase, I remember reading that, too about his AV.

      Gosh…I don’t even know what to say. He will be missed.

      • We all have so many remembrances. Some online at HP, some offline that were more intimate. Yes, he’ll truly be missed. He’s a treasure.

  12. Hi, LTTL:

    Thank you for this post. I knew Hume very well, and I can say with certainty that the world was blessed to have such a shining spirit within it. Hume did care about what others thought of him, but only those he respected and cared for. He was a very noble human being who’d learned to navigate the toughness of the human terrain. Sometimes that meant he had to feign arrogance or resort to other tactics to protect himself from the harshness of others. He was fiercely loyal to his friends and his ideas, and as a trained scientist he adored investigation, inquiry and fact-based argumentation. He was also deeply compassionate and cared about the pain and suffering of others. He despised injustice of any kind, and he especially despised racism. He was hopelessly devoted to his children, and was the type of father that we would all dream of having. He was incredibly handsome, and yes, he knew it. The women at HP knew it, too. Ha ha ha ha!! He had a heart of gold, and like the sunshine, he shared his light generously with all that came in his path. He touched many, many lives with his unique blend of intellect, wit, humor and charm. He brought much to my life, and I will forever cherish all of the memories, which are like rare poems. There are few among us with such dazzling intelligence, which is not just cerebral, it is also heart-based. I love Hume dearly and he will be terribly missed.


    • MidnightRain,

      Do you know if Hume’s family is requesting that donations be made in his name to anywhere specific? I would bet that folks on HP would love to do something in his honor. As a two-time cancer survivor myself, I would like to make a donation to the American Cancer Society, but I’m not sure if that’s what the family is requesting. Thanks for any information you can give!

      • Hi SweetBabu,

        The family knows very little about Hume’s HP community, and as you may have noticed, he was an incredibly private person. He would consider any donation made in the name of science a highly generous contribution – one in the name of humankind at large. He would have shied away from such recognition, simply because he would have thought himself undeserving of such a gift. I hope you understand, and I hope I made sense, Sweetbabu. Thank you for being so sweet.


        • Thank you for responding. I understand what you’re saying. Some were mentioning, though, that they’d like to do something to honor Hume. His name would not need to be mentioned. Would you mind if I posted what you said here? Or perhaps you could post it directly over the next few days on the main?

          • I wouldn’t mind at all, if you did either, thank you for asking. 🙂

            • I have houseguests coming for the night in just a few minutes. I can post something to the main now, but I probably won’t be able to do it tonight, when most folks are around. I am sure the information will be passed on, though. Thanks, and so sorry for your loss.

    • of all the people who I wanted to see this, it was you. I’m just glad you did. My sympathies my friend

      • Midnight Rain

        Thank you, LTTL. Thank you.

        • Midnight I am so sorry for the lose of your dear friend Hume.

          WE will miss him. He was a character…and I mean that in the BEST way. I enjoyed reading what he had to say.

          I don’t know how to write this, but I hope he didn’t suffer too much in the end, I remember my mother and what she went through…she passed away 21 years ago of the big C, and she suffered greatly. May he rest in peace.

      • Thank you so much for the original posts; as sad as this occasion is, the comments and sharing of Hume are so touching, and help confirm what I surmised from his amazing PH persona, from the very moment I first read and fanned him.

    • Hi there midnight,

      I am truly sorry to hear the sad news. All who read his comments were, I think, in awe of him.

      I know that you and he were very close indeed and my thoughts are with you, whom he so obviously adored.

      Peace to you and thank you for your lovely comment, which was pure poetry.

      • Midnight Rain

        Thank you, Zaph.

        Yes, today I celebrate 40 years of life. So, today, especially, is bittersweet.

        Peace and blessings,


        • Happy Birthday, Midnight. Everything good on this earth is bittersweet.

        • I know you must feel torn up.

          Happy Birthday, Midnight. Wishing you peace.

          • Yes, thank you. The pain has been intense, almost unbearable at times, but I am comforted by knowing that he is still with me. Thank you.

            • TanzaniteDiamonds


              Thank you so much for answering so many questions about this most incredible man we’ve never met. We all miss him so much, already.

              He truly touched our hearts with his incredible thoughts and passionate words.

              Happy Birthday Beautiful! Just remember that the tears are the love still flowing through”.♥

              (Also, a big “thank you” to LTTL for this wonderful tribute.)

        • Oh Midnight, happy birthday. We celebrate you today and hope you find peace.

          • Thank you. I received a card today that included a proverb from the White Elk Cherokee, which says: “When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.”

            I am going to live my life in just that way.

            To you!

        • Happy birthday kiddo. I’m know we’re with you…and Hume is with you in spirit 🙂

        • Happy Birthday Midnight.

    • Midnight
      I will miss him so much!

  13. I remember with love and admiration this entity that taught me the pleasure and pain of give and take…I, like most on HP had times when I disagreed with Hume, but generally we were on the same page. I remember the beautiful music he introduced me to the first night I decided to stick around for what used to be music night on HP..we had had quite an adversarial discussion earlier regarding something we disagreed upon in theory, however when I look back, we were generally always in agreement..anyway, back to music night…that evening he played a beautiful classical romance tune and dedicated it to me…It blew me away, I thought because of our “argument” earlier, he was definitely going to become an enemy…turns out he was just honing my skills, and actually enjoyed my willingness to argue my point…he eventually fanned me, and we became friends…still disagreeing from time to time, but I knew not to become angry about it, I knew he was just trying to tell me to dig deeper.

    One thing I will never forget about Hume was his love of the beach and his way of telling us to take some time to smell the roses so to speak. I never knew he was suffering then, but now that I look back, I should have known. I feel as though I have lost a good friend and an excellent teacher. My prayers and good wishes to his friends and family, and may “Hume” rest peacefully until the day we have our next disagreement. 🙂

  14. Thanks for the tribute. We should all be so lucky to have friends like you.

  15. Hume was a bright and witty poster extraordinaire. I was a recipient of his shameless flirting, and I ate a small bowl of ice cream yesterday as my toast to him. I shall miss this man I never got to meet face to face.

  16. Just as many commenters have alluded to, Hume’s knowledge base was expansive and he seemed to always come up with the relevant facts to refute the opposition. He was an unapologetic Obama supporter and I loved and respected him for this. I rarely interacted with him, but always read his posts because I knew I would be enlightened. We are blessed to have been in his presence and must carry the torch forward because the opposition are relentless. His memory will be with us always.

  17. And I should add that, before leaving, one of the gifts Hume gave to me was his HP account. If, from time to time, (when I need to feel especially close to him) you see that well-known avatar with a comment, know that it is me posting in his name. Smile.

    Midnight Rain

    • I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. Please accept my condolences.

      And I look forward to seeing his name and (perfect) avatar again sometime — especially knowing now what a wonderful person is “behind the curtain.”

    • It will bring tears to my eyes and I look forward to that day.

    • Now I am crying (again).

  18. Lefty, I couldn’t say it any better than you did. I really loved reading Hume’s posts. He will be missed by many of us. RIP, Hume.
    Jim Freeman

  19. I remember when Hume first “fanned” me.
    I felt like I had been awarded the Nobel Prize.
    That is how much I valued his opinion and wanted his validation.
    I never had the pleasure of meeting Hume face to face, yet I feel like I’ve lost a friend.
    To his family and “real life” friends, I send my deepest condolences.
    Hume was one of a kind and will be sorely missed.


    “We cannot tell the precise moment when friendship is formed. As in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is at last a drop
    which makes it run over; so in a series of kindnesses there is at last one which makes the heart run over.”
    Samuel Johnson

    Thank you LTTL for your tribute to Hume.

    Thank you Hume. From the time I found Huff Post during the election of 2008 your comments always made me Laugh, and made me Think. I as well as many others will truly miss your heartfelt Wit and Charm friend.

    May you *RIP ~ HUME*

  21. What I appreciated so much about Hume was his fierce intellect combined with his passion for justice and compassion towards those that our society often forgets about. Hume helped me “raise my game” on HP and though I certainly wouldn’t put myself in the top 3/4 of HP posters intellectually, I’ve learned a great deal about how to analyze an argument and flesh out information from Hume. I wish his family and friends peace, I feel quite certain that they will be comforted by wonderful memories of this very generous man.

  22. This is a site that is dedicated to the principle of free speech. However, this seems to be one of those rare occasions when cruel words should not be given space, however genuine the emotion behind the words. Praise for the man we knew as HumeSkeptic is not required. We request though that you do not post comments that would cause undue pain for those who knew and loved him.

    • Thank you for deleting. I got that hateful post in my email inbox. Just coming here to give that guy a piece of my mind. Disgraceful.

    • I hope it wasn’t something I said. Odd someone like you running a leftist hate site would be preaching civility. Odd in deed

      • Yes, it would seem that nothing would be off limits on a site like this. But one thing that Southpaw will never do is kick a man (any man) on the day he is eulogized. We understand that this is a sensitivity that you might not have guessed existed and thanks for being a good sport about having your comment edited.

      • Not the time nor the place.

        It’s completely up to you, pal, but notice how many people’s lives Hume managed to touch … people he didn’t actually know personally, people who didn’t know him personally, but yet were still touched. Now might be a time to reflect about how you will be remembered when you’re gone next time you feel the urge to post something like you did.

      • Hey Jon, shut yer fat face. This is a wake.

  23. Clevelandchick

    HP will never be the same without Hume, he was a force of intelligence, compassion and wit without equal.

    Goodnight Hume, you will be missed.

  24. Lovely tribute, southpaw, and some lovely comments as well from the HP community. Thank you. I will miss his wit, his wisdom, and his humanity. MH.

  25. God Speed Hume…You will be greatly missed. May your family take comfort in knowing how many lives you touched with you posts…

  26. LTTL, thanks for the wonderful eulogy.

    I am beyond saddened to hear of Hume’s passing. It’s shocking to me, as I did not know he was ill. I absolutely loved Hume’s posts. Every single one. He made me laugh, and I usually expressed that… following him around with my 2 cents’ worth of LOLs.

    He occasionally even defended me against the trolls, and that just showed his gallantry. He did love the ladies 🙂 and ice cream and great music.

    I wish I would have know him outside of his HP persona, as I joined HP in 2005, the same year he did, and since I agreed with most of what he wrote, and completely enjoyed his intelligence, wit and charm.

    He will be so absolutely missed.

    I did wonder where he was in the past weeks, so I went to his profile to see when last he posted, and it was in June. I was hoping he was on some well-deserved and wonderful vacation.


    Hume will be sorely missed. RIP, Hume.

    • you’re welcome my friend. And thanks for the tip earlier (that unfortunately was deleted along w/ the vile comments from the target poster) on how to send his stuff directly to spam.

    • OneLiberalLady

      Helen: Your comment about wondering where the “Hume” posts were and searching his profile for clues, then hoping he was on a wonderful vacation – that is exactly the process I went through. Being a skeptic myself I hesitate to say this: maybe he is on the best vacation of all (one can dream). Anyway, he meant so much to me; to touch others deeply is all we can hope for in this world.

  27. HUME! He never said a word. I have missed Hume since the day he stopped posting. Great column LTTL…. you are awesome. I will have to go piss on raygun’s grave in his honor.

  28. I will miss Hume.

  29. SouthpawBeagle-

    This eulogy of Hume is simply beautiful. Though I never knew him personally, I considered him a kindred spirit. I grieve for HumeSkeptic as if he were a family member and I shall forever feel his loss at HP.

    I am saddened and feeling slightly guilty that one of the last posts I made to him was to rebuke him for treating another poster in a condescending manner. And a few days later, Hume posted his final comment, which was in his HP biography. I noted that this sounded so final, as if he weren’t coming back, and like a kindly father, issued his last bit of advice so that we could and would carry the torch of liberty and justice for all.

    Thank you for your wonderful words of my friend. I am a better person for having known him.

  30. Very nice. Two large losses in the last month.
    Hume was one of the first names I consistently recognized when I joined HP in 2006, before the days of avatars and fan counts. Him and Volvo really held court from the very beginning.
    He could come off very pompous, but I always saw it as a person who didn’t suffer fools, especially bigoted fools. I never once tangled with him, and sometimes wondered why certain people went after him with so much gusto so many times — not just trolls, mind you, but people on both sides of the political aisle.
    I blame the “social aspect” of the site for that — the fan counts, the avatars, whatever. Some people get too caught up in that.
    I just hope and pray that for the next week people behave over Hume. There was already nastiness from an especially vile little troll Sunday over Hume, and I hope that stops.

  31. FlamingLibrul

    What an awesome tribute to HumeSkeptic. Thank you to kj for posting the link on HuffPo.

    I am really saddened to hear of his passing. Yes, I feel the need to use an awkward euphemism…

  32. LTTL, thank you for your eulogy of Hume. I had missed his posts, but did not realize he had cancer until I learned of his passing away yesterday morning. You and many others have said what I wish that I could say about HumeSkeptic.

  33. Wonderfully said my friend. Hume was an original and I remember him from the old days. No one agrees with everything anyone says and I had my disagreements with Hume but I found myself in agreement most of the time. I always respected his path and logic even if I saw it differently.

    You summed up the HP experience and Hume precisely. He will be missed. I have always considered you and Hume among the very best that HP has to offer.

    HP really is only as good as the people that post and Hume was among the best. I will miss him. My heart goes out to his family and the family he had online.

    I guess the best way to remember our friend is to honor him in our posts and our continued attempt to bring about a better world.

    Again….beautifully said my friend…..

  34. Thanks to Hume for all the inspiration to pursue justice objectively. He raised the bar for so many of us, and he will be missed.

  35. Michael Mr-Mikey Darbro

    I posted something yesterday on this subject in the Spac thread.

    After a night of both celebrating life and its wonder, and having a drink to remember Hume by.. I’ve come to a few conclusions in my head.

    I will never be able to ask Hume himself whether any of his wonderful and sometimes inflammatory posts came from anywhere close to his heart. A lot of my own posts can be playful banter and BSing with others to get reactions.

    Some of my longer posts are what I feel, and what I truly thing. As wonderful as Hume was with his words, I wonder if he shared some of my frustrations day after day trying to bring some semblance of intelligence into conversations that seldom had much of it.

    He, by far, was more competent that I’ve ever been. He had a magically way with words that you had to respect, even if you disagreed or it stung like a bee sting.

    I’m glad that I never had to count him foe, and I grieve that I will never have the chance to count him friend.

    I hope you’ve found the rest you’ve so richly deserved. Cancer is a very taxing and exhausting disease to fight.

    It robs you of so much, so quickly, but something it never took from him was his words.

    Rest in peace hume, You will be greatly missed by people you’ve never had a chance to meet in life.

    I do hope his account isn’t deleted, so we can go back and reflect on his words from time to time.

    • A great comment and very like my own experiences. Hume was the master of the complicated idea wrapped in the simple comment.

      But where he really was amazing was in stringing together complexes of complicated ideas in a way that makes you feel smarter, just for having read it.

      A remarkable man. A gifted man. Like you, I will miss him and miss that there was not a chance to know him better.

  36. While I didn’t always get a long with Hume, his posts were always insightful and well thought out. He was obviously intelligent and his activity on HP would indicate that he cared a lot for the country, our issues and our future.

    I’m sad that this icon on HP has passed, I shall miss his posts.

  37. It’s with a heavy heart I learned of Hume’s passing late last night. I feel as if I’ve lost a good friend and have missed his presence on HP for sometime now.

    Rest in peace, Hume.


    I don’t know if anyone else has posted about another friend that has passed away within the last month, but I found this. From *Doc Strangelove* from June 3rd at Huff Post and wanted to share with you all. (I hope you don’t mind I share this Doc).
    DocStrangelove 03:18 PM on 6/03/2010 1960 Fans
    Become a fan
    Unfan Off topic…


    To Whom It May Concern:

    As you might have noticed through posts of mine (& Kalamana), we lost a dear Huffy family member a short while ago.

    “FloydRTurbo” (“Crapwhisperer”, “CarlV”)… a man of GREAT humor, well beloved on ALL sides of the spectrum.. &, although capable of it, HARDLY as acerbic as “yours truly”.. a TRUE humanitarian who put his VALUES where his mouth was.

    He was very ill for a long time.. a sweet soul who spent a GREAT DEAL of his time helping those in need.. he had dropped EVERYTHING & flew down to Haiti to help in the aftermath of the earthquake….

    I have received many inquiries as to what kind of “memorial” or “tribute” is in the offing…
    “Part 2 of 2:

    I would like to set a NEW Huffy precedent, but I don’t know HOW to.

    I KNOW you are on the “blogging” side of things, but I think it would be a GREAT idea if Huffy could create a new “main”.. or at least a FEATURED story about Carl, offering info on WHICH charities (relief for HAITI & “Best Friends Animal Sanctuary” in Utah (even as he hailed from Palm Springs).. only a FEW of his causes), etc could be contributed to in Carl’s (& HP’s) name in his memory.

    I don’t ever recall a COMMENTER being given an “above the fold” HEADLINE before .. &, besides the obvious good faith that Carl’s FAMILY & FRIENDS would receive in an “OFFICIAL” HP capacity, but it would ALSO affirm Hufffy’s TRUE affinity to those who participate on the THREADS as well.

    Please let me know what you think.. & ANY advice you might be able to give me to get this going in a TIMELY manner would be GREATLY appreciated.



    Hope this helps…Peace

  39. Auteur (Jake Auteur / Jake in the Grass

    He walked among many
    Still in a chair
    His words among millions
    Strongest and rare
    Hovered above us
    Soft as a mouse
    Hurray! We had him
    Superb to ourselves
    Honorable and no ego
    Stubborn as Starch
    Hume was first a friend
    Stars are lucky now
    Heaven is better for him
    Sadder are we all
    Hearts are lost
    Strong though his memory
    Home here is gone
    Sunrise without Him
    HP has lost its ONE
    So look up
    High above there in the moon
    Smiling Back
    Hume Skeptic
    Never Waxing never Waning


    You are so welcome. I think that would be a great idea and hope HP will do something. I really enjoy reading your post as well as everyone else’s. Thanks to HP and LTTL, I found Southpaw Beagle.
    I love coming here and being with friends, so thank you my friend !!


  41. from an anonymous ‘fan’:

    godspeed, hume, rip, and
    help us, if you can

  42. kevenseven/justplainfedup

    A deep loss. I know what town he lived in, but there is no point in telling. I once commented to someone who attacked him that I was pretty sure he was not “white”, or at least of Western European heritage.

    Boy, did that piss him off.

    He was nobody to write a stupid comment in front of, to be sure. And early in the primaries he was a raging pain in the ass about Kucinich. But passion is mostly a good thing.

    I’ll think of him as I tend my tomatoes and stomp on trolls.

    • great seeing such sentiments from someone as renowned as you. We miss your presence on HP as well. It will never be the same as it was when people like you, Babs, and Hume ruled the threads. Peace

    • I really love your comment.

    • Midnight Rain

      Ha ha ha ha ha!!

      Yep. I remember that comment, but had no idea that it pissed him off. He used to tell me that when he passed, his elements would end up in a tomato patch. Every day, I would greet him by saying, “Good morning, tomato.”

      How fitting of you to mention them.

  43. Hume, You will be sorely missed! Thoroughly enjoyed your informative posts and the wit that went along with them!

    My condolences to your family! RIP, friend!

  44. Well, written. Hume will be missed.

  45. That’s sad news. What a great loss. I will miss HumeSkeptic and his posts on HP. His posts based on pure logic were a thing of beauty and a joy to read and reread and reread. Rest In Peace Hume.

  46. Thanks, LttL.

  47. For Hume: I’m saddened to know that your body was not strong enough for your great spirit and mind. Rest in Peace

  48. Thanks so much for this, Hume was one of my first fans and from him I learned so much.
    He always added more information to anything he commented on.
    He was smart, funny, witty and could mash a troll with such eloquence!!
    He was a big part of HuffPO and will be missed by us all.
    May he truly Rest in Peace.

  49. Michael in LA

    Wow, I did not know he passed. Rest in peace. He did good and he will be missed.

  50. Rest in peace my friend.
    We agreed more than we disagreed. I always admired your opinions and intelligence.
    You will be missed.


  51. Thanks to RiceStarz posting the link on HP, I found out. Did not know about Hume until then.
    Thank you, LTTL, for this touching tribute. I went back and looked, and Hume was one of the first that I fanned. Thanks also to Hume, and to many of you posting here, for many thought provoking comments.

    Can’t we just make donations to the Cancer Foundation in the name of HumeSkeptic?

  52. Well said, as always and heartfelt to boot. I am sorry for his loss. I hope his family knows how well he was regarded and respected in this weird little digital universe…………….

  53. HumeSkeptic consistently demonstrated that it is possible to be, at the same time, both passionate and rational about ones beliefs. He always brought light to the conversation. I tip my 40 oz. to you Hume.

  54. Southpaw,

    A beautiful and eloquent testament to the prolific posting of Hume Skeptic. It is wonderful that you are providing a cyber wake for our colleague who has moved on to a greater mission.

    I may not have always agreed with Hume but I certainly respected his opinion and was grateful for all of the linked data he provided for further information and investigation.

    We must all recognize that it is our job to pick up the torches of our fallen brethren and carry on the good fight lest their efforts have been in vain.

    May Hume be riding on the wings of Pegasus to his next assignment! Filled with the lessons of this incarnation and the exuberance to pursue that which binds all of humanity together!

  55. 😦 I am so, so sorry to hear this, and thanks to RiceStarz for the alert and link on HP.

    There are so many of you who I have come to respect and admire, and who have become important to me, despite that fact that I oftentimes am not sayin’ much. Take good care everyone, and claim your Love and Light…….

  56. I am shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Hume Skeptic. It is like losing a member of a large and sometimes dysfuncional family. There are no words to describe how badly he will be missed.

  57. No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main…any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind.~ John Donne

    R.I.P Hume.

  58. I shall miss you my dear ol’ friend! Your wise and good council was a treat for me; your wit and good cheer was a constant delight.
    Rest in peace! I will see you down the proverbial ‘road.’
    HP was simply too small to hold all your friends! 😉

  59. How very sad to learn of this! I have been reading these beautiful posts through tears. Hume was singular. A giant mind, great wisdom, and above all, humor.

  60. Like Midnightrain, I knew Hume personally and she has described the man very well while still maintaining his anonymity. There isn’t much that he did without thought, but his thoughts simultaneously encompassed “mind” and “heart”. His desire for anonymity stemmed from an unfortunate incident that resulted in threats to his children. He said it was done unwittingly by a well-meaning close friend, who felt the need to brag about Hume’s accomplishments in life.

    Thank you Midnightrain for respecting his wish. There are many who despised his “in your face” style of defending the vulnerable, be it illegal immigrants or Iraqi victims of war. He claimed he did that for fun, especially if it involved breaking the law.

    Hume seemed to have fun doing everything he did. I knew him professionally, as a physicist. I know of no other physicist who could scientifically analyze a poem or a song, and who could string together cold scientific facts into poetry. “It’s all about the same thing”, he would say, “It’s all about discoveries – good science, good music, good sex”. And then, he would add, “Unless I am full of shit.”

    He was an idealist, but in a very scientific way. In his view, ideals are what you move toward, but never reach, as you never reach infinity. That, he said, doesn’t mean that the concept of infinity is useless or “unreal”. In fact, the concept is essential to so many deductions in math and science. “Draw me a (one-dimensional) line”, he would say, “You can’t. It is an ideal you can never achieve. And yet, it is a fundamental of geometry, which is something very useful and practical.”

    It is because of his above view of idealism that he was a big supporter of President Obama. In his view, if this President succeeds, it would be a major step toward the ideal of a just society.

    I know little about his personal life except that he loved the company of smart and beautiful women. But, somewhat contrary to what others have written about him, I never saw him “flirt” with a woman. Perhaps, being a man, I never was in a position to witness that side of him.

    As Midnight has said, he was a totally devoted father to his daughter (22) and son (20). I know both of them. They are just as delightful as he was. Both are aspiring scientists and wonderful musicians (a violinist and a drummer/guitarist). I call them as two of his most precious gifts to the world.

    I am fortunate to have known him. I don’t say that lightly. He truly was one-of-a-kind. I say that with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes.

    • Just beautiful. I hardly know what to say…..so I’ll say this: I wish I had had the opportunity to know him as you did. I think he would have liked me…and I’m certain I would have liked him

    • What a wonderful tribute to your sparkling friend.

    • Thank you, friend of Hume. I found his old HP bio on Google:

      Question everything and seek the truth.

      Always be on the side of truth and justice.

      When in doubt, always side with the oppressed, not the oppressor.

      Seek sunshine for all, but do not forget to light candles where it remains dark.

      Never give up hope. Never.

    • Beautiful, just beautiful; thank you for sharing what you could; I appreciate you for that!

    • Midnight Rain

      And I read your tribute with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes. Yes, you knew him well. That “full of shit” line, he used often. Ha ha ha ha ha!! Oh! how I will miss that humor, and the romance, and the idealism. I miss him so. Thank you.

      My best,


  61. Thank you for this beautiful Eulogy. I wish i could have told Hume how much he taught me.

    You will be missed, Dear Hume. Thanks you for your words.

  62. A man’s ethical behavior should be based effectually on
    sympathy, education, and social ties –
    no religious basis is necessary.
    Man would indeed be in a poor way
    if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death.

    ~ Albert Einstein ~

  63. You were one of my first to be a fan of mine back in 2008. You gave me encouragement to canvass for Barack Obama in rural MO. I met many friends because of you this way and I am most grateful.

    Hume, you will be sorely missed….


  64. kevenseven/justplainfedup


    You make me blush. And I spend way too much time at Huff these days, as justplainfedup.

  65. wow, I was a long time HumeSkeptic fan and just found out about this — RIP! I usually enjoyed his posts hoisting the dittoheads by their own petards.

  66. First THANK YOU ever so much for this Southpaw! I immediately missed Hume’s posts, but had noticed they were becoming farther and less frequent. I learned so much from reading his posts and I truly miss him.

    I do remember a few times I saw a glimpse of the real person we know as Hume the Skeptic. Once Tiffany Hussein Banned teased him and called him something not quoting word for word, but like a straight up chicago style gangster (it had something to do with Obama and chicago). I believe he responded I love Tiffany Hussein Banned. Hume was happy!

    He once responded to a comment saying he could be one of HP’s best bloggers but we needed him to fight the good fight. He said he enjoyed being in the trenches.

    And my favorite. Someone said Hume must be Black. Hume responded (again not word for word), but I wish I was so they’d never mistake me for a freakin’ Republican.

    He was intelligent, funny and often relentless in making his point. I hope that while he was here with us he knew he was appreciated, admired and respected.

    I must remember to let people that I love, admire and respect know how I feel, because one day I may not be able to tell them.

    I will always remember HumeSkeptic.

    Thanks SouthPaw!

  67. Thank you very much for the eulogy and the comments page. Hume fanned me not too long after I joined HP. I had no idea who he was and it must have been for a some joke I made. As I started to follow his posts I was amazed at his intellect and depth of knowledge. He will be missed.

    HP should do some sort of eulogy also as Hume wasn’t your run of the mill commenter.

  68. Frustrated In PA

    I remember when I first joined HP for some simple like-minded conversation. I encountered Hume probably within the 1st week or 2. He and I were actively battling a few “trolls” and he replied to me instead. He schooled me righteously about my response, providing a more nuanced approach that he thought better served my idea. Some would get mad, I didn’t it because he reminded me of my mentor, this fantastic Law Professor who had such a way of slicing at something without leaving an edge.

    He made me laugh, he brought thought to a conversation, his intelligence and replies would fluster even the most benign poster. He made it enjoyable, I learned from him and if someone can teach me something, then you are to be admired and respected. He was compassionate, especially on women’s rights which is where he and I would often encounter each other. I loved sharing a thread with him. He made me step up my game, the importance of being well-researched and clever.

    The fact he never let his illness show is a true reflection on his character. If I don’t know anything about him other than this, he was a warrior until the end, strong in mind and heart.

    Bless his family. RIP Hume.

    • “The fact he never let his illness show is a true reflection on his character. If I don’t know anything about him other than this, he was a warrior until the end, strong in mind and heart.”

      ….one of the sweetest and most heartfelt comments yet

  69. Claude Remains

    In Hume’s memory, we should get together for a kegger and then head out to Reagan’s grave.

    First keg is on me.

  70. I had an interesting series of exchanges with Hume. All the things LTTL talked about I experienced with him. It took me a long time to warm to him, but in the end, we made peace and gave each other a hard earned fanning, the hardest one I ever gave or received. I know fanning is an overrated thing that’s gotten out of hand, but with some (those of you who have commented) it was done with honor and respect. Hume certainly fell into that category. We had, and still would have, disagreements, but we were both Kucinich supporters and had other common views.

    After some of our bitter exchanges, it took a big man to reach out, like he did to me, and I’ll forever respect him for that. I will miss him; the place has a different buzz than when I first came to HP, in 2006. I did not actually join and make comments until two years later, and he said something that resonated so I joined in April 2008.

    Carl-Vee/Floyd Turbo will also be missed. He passed away several months ago.

    It just goes to show you how even with the superficial socks, many of us share a bond, a dream of a better place, a vision of a greater country, and if we lose that aspiration, then why live here at all? Hume had that, so did Carl/Floyd.

    • it took a big man, as you are, to get on here and talk of your experiences w/ Hume….and it’s about time, btw 🙂 Of all the people from who I’ve been waiting with anticipation for a comment, it’s you my friend. I was thinking as early as 2 this afternoon, “I sure would like to know KK’s sentiments….and then here you are. I knew well of your tough relationship w/ Hume but I’m happy to hear that you buried the hatchet. Now if only we can get offtopic to do the same…. 🙂

      Regards my friend

  71. As the many comments here affirm, Hume’s integrity, principles and intelligence had a profound effect on his fellow bloggers and those who simply read his posts. Though he was often serious, he did have a great sense of humor as well.

    His commitment to what is true and just was inspirational and helped keep or return conversations to the substance of issues.

    Hume was loyal to his conscience and in doing so, encouraged others to be as well.

    He set the bar very high for others.

    We’ll miss you Hume.

  72. I’ve talked with Hume many times over the past three years. He inspired me….he challenged me…he made me laugh. He was a good American who knew what being American means and I will miss his eloquence.

  73. As some here know<I am Canadian and have been following American politics for all my adult life.I find it fascinating and up until 2000 found it quite humorous.When I first started posting I noticed Hume right away.His intelligence,knowledge and passion jumped off the monitor.His were must read posts,we had a few exchanges and can think of only one thing that he said I totally opposed.I felt that I had arrived when Hume fanned me.He amazed me with his command of all topics.I will miss his insights and send my condolences to his Family and friends.Bye Hume

  74. When I had heard the news of Hume Skeptics passing, I was devastated. Lost my father on April 30th, mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancoast lung cancer six weeks later.

    HP had become my escape from the sorrowful realities that we all eventually have to come to terms with.

    I admired Hume for his courage and intelligence. As someone stated earlier, perhaps it was in LTTL’s tribute, he was an original poster, not one to follow someone’s lead, usually. Hume and I always shared a laugh, and that meant a lot on HP. He may have rubbed some posters the wrong way, but he did it with substantial and factual information from his own perspective. He was not perfect (thankfully), he was human. And he was a light for many seeking truth in these troubled times.

    My biggest compliment (ever) was when I was accused of being a sock-puppet of his. Now THAT made putting up with all the nonsense on HP worth it.

    Hume may not have been a man of god, but he was truly a man of Peace. He will be missed, but not forgotten.

    • I fully appreciate the need to visit HP as an escape from life’s sorrowful realities. There were several months some time ago when I went to HP every day to read LooktotheLeft’s comments and to laugh. That laughter helped to pull me through some difficult times.

      Take care. It is a gross overstatement to say that Time heals all wounds but Time, along with laughter, is a balm for all wounds.

  75. To the family and friends of Hume,

    You may not realize the impact this man had on so many of our lives. Our condolences reach out to you in your time of sadness and loss.

  76. I followed Hume for quite a while, fanning so many of his comments. I truly remember when he first fanned me. I felt honored. Your comments about him seem so appropriate. I never thought I’d have such strong feelings about losing an “internet friend”.

  77. Rest, Hume.

    Know that the world is a better place for your having graced it with your presence and your posts.

    Ice Cream for all!


  78. David Hume:

    A prominent figure in the skeptical philosophical tradition and a strong empiricist, he argued against the existence of innate ideas, concluding instead that humans only have knowledge of things they directly experience.


    HumeSkeptic- a follower of Hume seeking empirical proof of the existence of things. This means he was a thinker; not one who accepts without reason and follows the crowd blindly. This I think exemplifies Hume and thus he chose an appropriate moniker—

    Now hopefully he has all his skepticism resolved, all his answers given. Hopefully he will rest in peace having spent his time contributing to rationality and thought and encouraging others to think and not to be blind followers.

    Religion needs skeptics such as Hume. For blind followers contribute nothing to society or to religion, they are simply rote robots looking for an easy way to live their lives without thinking. This is the problem with the so-called “Religious Right.” They do religion and spirituality no favor.

    So whether you agree with his philosophy or not, appreciate his thinking and his challenge to you to think and to reason. This is a great legacy.

    Hopefully those of us on the HP with Hume have been challenged anew to think and to reason and to be skeptical leaders and not blind followers.


    posted Jul 11, 2010 at 23:48:37 Reply Link

  79. I am truly shocked and saddened. I noticed that Hume was no longer on the threads, but I had assumed he had been put in “time out” or was taking a hiatus. I always assumed I would have the pleasure of reading his posts sometime soon in the future.

    What a stark reminder this is of our own fleeting mortality and the brevity of time in which we have to make an impact. Hume made a gigantic impact here on HP, and while I am terribly saddened that he is gone forever, his left us all with something to think about, whether you agreed with his views or not.

    RIP my friend, and thanks for your supportive posts to me as an HP newbie.

  80. Jonmonbuckeye (HufPo)

    The web seems quiet today, a good debater’s voice has grown silent. Hume and myself engaged in many spirited debates, and never once was there any vitrol- just good clean points and counter-points. Sleep well my friend, and I will meet you on the park bench at a future time to continue our debates. God Bless.

  81. IllinoisTexan43

    Why does one’s eyes well up with tears at the news of someone you don’t really know has passed away? Rest in peace, sweet Hume. Your wit and your presence will be sorely missed. Thank you, LTTL, for this memorial.

    • ….simply put, because with have a kinship via HP. Thanks for your comments my friend…and thanks for being here

    • Why do people cry in movies? Is that a better thing, to see a film which touches a nerve and to cry in darkness surrounded by strangers?

      Why did people cry on 9/11, people who knew nobody affected by the tragedy were moved to tears. Why does that happen?

      In this case I can tell you I went into shock. Then two hours later the crying started. I read a lot of Hume’s comments, for almost 2 years this man was a part of my life.

      If you go to huffington and all you see is the avatars and the comments you’ve not pierced the illusion of the badges and the blog. These are people. A real person, a real man with a great voice has passed.

      I don’t see my tears as unwarranted. I don’t see why they should be.

  82. This is sad news indeed. Hume was one of the originals and probably the biggest reason why I ever decided to hang around HP. Hume, Bread and Roses, JohnCT, LaFeminazi all used to crack me the hell up.

    In addition to being genuinely funny and quick-witted, Hume was a very compassionate sort of person for the most part. He was also stubborn, though and would argue his points very strongly to either side of the aisle.

    I hoist a drink to the memory of a fine man tonight. Even if I never did meet him. And I’ll laugh about how we talked about driving out to piss on Ronald Reagan’s grave one day.

  83. Onedivasinger

    …For we might not realize it right away, but your star was one of the brightest by far…

  84. What a great tribute, southpaw, and everyone else (except the tr0ll who couldn’t overcome his trollness even for this). Seeing Hume on a thread always felt like a warm comforting blanket. I’m one of those Obama defender types and so I tended to agree with just about everything Hume said. The outstanding thing about him was that he backed it up with facts. I’ve still got saved copies of his “accomplishments” list.

    I am truly amazed at what a loss I feel for someone I never met, will never meet, and whose name I don’t even know. Thanks for creating this place to express it, southpaw.

  85. Hume was one of the posters I first read on the threads. I read alot on HuffPo prior to actually commenting and he fanned one of my first comments. I did not even know what fanning was, I thought “fanned for being stupid” or something, but I learned real quick. I will always be grateful for that first fanning as it gave me the courage to continue. I am under a new monniker at HP now, Giantsfan44, but I will always remember that original lift. Thanks Hume and rest easy on that mountain.

  86. What you have done here is wonderful. For a long time I just read Hume’s comments, actually I studied them, and I learned a lot. So he was also Professor Hume to me, since he insisted on presenting facts.

    I admired this man and feel that I have lost a friend. I will miss him.

  87. Vieux_Charles

    One of the few conservatives on HuffPo, I battled with “Hume” many times.

    I found him to be pedantic, bellicose, prone to logic fallacies, dismissive of facts and hateful of anyone who held a political view even slightly right of his own.

    During the worst of the Iraq War Humie was careful to not to actually spit on the troops, but he strongly defended those who did. He handily dismissed quotes from Ahmadinejad as neocon propaganda. He hated religion, but defended “Islamist” if only because they hated America as much as did he.

    He didn’t respect me, and I didn’t respect him.

    So why be harsh, when so many others eulogize?

    I come not to praise Hume, but to bury him. From a conservative, HumeSkeptic would have had it no other way.


    • Michael Mr-Mikey Darbro

      I read this comment, and went through a whole host of emotional responses and settled with just this.

      You are right, he wouldn’t have had it any other way.

      Any other response past this, right now I don’t trust myself to post.. I need to absorb your comment more before I consider posting more.

      • That they took the time, show how much impact Hume left in the synapses of his foes.

        I take it as a twisted compliment to his legacy.

        And I’m with you, that’s all I’ll say about it. The last place I’m going to engage a troll is here.

    • Hmmm, will Hume could definitely be prickly and dismissive, and could rub people the wrong way, but in four years of reading his comments, I can’t agree with your statement of “hateful toward anyone to the right of him.” I think “hateful” is harsh, but to each their own, I guess. Everyone sees things through their personal prisms.

    • >>>>>>>>>crickets<<<<<<<<<<<

      Seriously, seek professional help.
      HumeSkeptic would have recommended it.

    • Hume would first challenge you to prove your assertions about him. Then he would ask others to read your post as an example of lies, irrationality, anger, hate and moral bankruptcy of the Right wing. Following that, he would write something that would make you even angrier, hoping for a your complete meltdown.

      Then he would have a good laugh.

      But, you are right about one thing: he was passionately against Iraq invasion. He considered it unnecessary and unjust. Not many might know that he traveled to Jordan as a volunteer to help Iraqi children orphaned during the war. (Didn’t go too well). He was also active in helping families of our soldiers killed in Iraq.

    • Well, in a perverse sort of way, you paid him a compliment and a tribute.

      Hume would have expected no less from you.

  88. 12/3/2005

    Hume’s first post.

    That is a difficult one, and for the following reason: How do you train Iraqis to shoot at their neighbors and friends?

    It is not that the U.S. miltary doesn’t know how to train. It is not that Iraqis don’t know how to fight. (Don’t forget, Iraqis have fought wars before.) The problem is you can’t order them to kill their own. Even the “foreign” fighters, however many there are, are more foreign to the U.S. forces than they are to Iraqis. They are Arabs.

    I would offer that any plan to train Iraqis to fight the insurgents is destined to fail

  89. Beautiful tribute, southpaw.
    Too bad all our fond memories can’t fix the hole we now have on HP.
    As I’ve done many times, I’ll type for the last time, “Thanks, Hume”.

  90. I have just learned of Hume’s passing and am crushed. I always looked forward to his comments. HuffPo will not be the same without him. Although he was an anonymous commenter, as we all are, I considered him a good and reliable friend. Thank you so much, Southpaw Beagle, for this eulogy. So many of us at HP will sorely miss Hume. May he rest in peace.

  91. I think the two proudest moments I had on HP was when Hume Fanned me…..And the first time I made him Laugh!…..He was a leader,a mentor and friend in a common cause….To spread Logic and Rational Thought! I will say Ta! One Last time Hume.

  92. Though I was much newer than most of the people paying their respects, I think my story is emblematic of a larger pattern. It is that he interacted and found something to connect with all sorts of people on. Even as a little ‘ol newbie, it didn’t take long for him to play along with me, as soon as I began asserting myself a little more. I learned the ropes real quick from him. And, how to step up my game, though I only consider myself strong on a few topics.

    I’ll say the same thing I said the other night which a few may have caught. My personally rewarding contact with Hume, was his warmth for my Middle Eastern bent music wise, himself having spent some time in the Middle East and embarrassing me when I had to admit my Urdu was very limited and rusty, though we could both laugh about the impossibility of pronouncing the Arabic letter ‘ghain’.

    He may have presented himself as a hardcore skeptic, but his (at least diplomatic) appreciation of Sufi poetry is something we both shared that no one else did. I really think that on some abstract level, he believed in the divine spark within us all, and even entertained his rivals (and prey) with the humor which testified to that fact. I did not always agree with him, any more than any of us agree 100% with each other, but more often than not, he picked up the slack where I know I can falter.

    In honor of the witty, perspicacious professor who sparred with a smile,

    Even if the whole world were gripped by sadness
    He would not be sad who holds love firm in hand.
    And if love makes him dance, even a little,
    There are worlds and worlds within that little land.

    – Maulana Rumi, Shams-e Tabrizi, #374

    But leave the Wise, and with me
    The Quarrel of the Universe let be:
    And, in some corner of the Hubbub coucht,
    Make Game of that which makes as much of Thee.

    – Omar Khayyám, Ruba’iyat, #45

    May there be ice cream where you are now, you eternal rascal.

  93. He was one of the first I fanned; I was deeply honored when he fanned me. I had no idea of his illustrious presence on HP. I just loved his posts. And I will miss them and him. PG

    Thank you, Southpaw, for the beautiful tribute and for letting so many of us know.

  94. I will miss his wonderful comments, his wit and intellect. After reading many of the posts here, I now know what I suspected all along. He was brilliant, passionate and handsome :). His “voice” will be sorely missed at HP and that place will be a different one from now on.

  95. Thanks, Southpaw, for your touching and thoughtful tribute, and for expressing so eloquently how many of us feel. I was generally a wallflower, lurker, and responder on HP for a very long time, simply enjoying the posts of many “top of the threaders,” particularly Hume. He’s been informative, thought-provoking, and entertaining over the years and I admired him from afar, as many did. He has left an indelible mark at HP. Like everyone here, I’m saddened by his passing and feel a deep loss to the HP community. I wish him peace and his family comfort.

    And to unforgettable and inspiring Hume: Thank you. I will miss your ideas, wit, and avatar.

  96. I’ve spent the last couple of days re-reading some of Hume’s posts. The reason being that I noticed that I never fanned him. He fanned me shortly after I joined but I did not reciprocate.

    I think I found him prickly, irritating, pompous, and arrogant at first blush. That may have been my reasoning initially.

    After several months I came to understand what a treasure the man was to this small community.

    I am a little sad and bewildered that I never fanned Hume. I plan to fix that tonight.

    Beagle, many thanks to you for the work that you put into this tribute.

    • …and thank you, my friend, for your wonderful sentiments

    • I know what you mean Mendoza. That’s how he came across to me at first (and at last) blush to be honest. But, I came to really appreciate his wit and intelligence and his command of the all important facts that so often go missing on the huffly. He was a big presence and he will leave a gap that cannot be filled.

  97. BikeCommuter-Principaldad

    I can’t believe that it is so possible to feel such a sense of loss for someone online. Hume crossed my mind a couple of weeks ago because I hadn’t seen him post in some time. He was the exact type of poster that drew me to HuffPo and kept me coming back.

    I respected his wit so much. It didn’t matter whether I agreed with what he was saying (usually agreed). He could always make be smile.

  98. How can we grieve so deeply for a man so few of us ever knew in “real” life?

    Because he was Hume, that’s why.

    Thank you for everything you taught us in life, and now too in your passing. Rest in peace my friend, and know how deeply you were loved by me, and so very many others.

  99. Thank You South Paw,

    I think I asked him once if there was more then one HumeSkeptic.
    How can one person contain so much info?
    I admired him for that and for his dedication
    to the truth and his agility with words.
    His ability to educate and entertain was greatly
    appreciated by so many, myself included.

    He and I both have a daughter that plays violin and that made trading music with Hume fascinating for me.
    He had great taste in music of every genre.

    I will miss many things about Hume.
    I wish him peace


  100. The world just got slightly dumber.

  101. My thoughts and wishes go out to Humes family and friends. If i can do anything to help, please advise.

  102. Bye Hume. You will be missed. You were a one person crusader against stupid. I will miss your wit and incisive comments.

    (Thanks Lttl for posting this.)

  103. For Hume and for all of us: a poem by Ray Bradbury and a reminder to live life to its fullest. Each moment is, indeed, so very precious.



    that you have been dead for a year,
    ten years, one hundred years, a thousand years.
    The grave and night have taken and kept you
    in that silence and dark which says nothing
    and so reveals absolutely zero.

    In the middle of all this darkness and being
    alone and bereft of sense, let us imagine that
    God comes to your still soul and lonely body and says:

    I will give you one minute of life. I will
    restore you to your body and senses for sixty
    seconds. Out of all the minutes in your life,
    choose one. I will put you in that minute, and
    you will be alive again after a hundred, a
    thousand years of darkness. Which is it?



    Which minute do you choose?

    And the answer is:

    Any minute. Any minute at all! Oh, God, oh Sweet Christ,
    oh Mystery, give me any minute in all my life.

    And the answer further is:

    When I lived I didn’t know that every minute was special,
    precious, a gift, a miracle, an incredible thing, an impossible
    work, an amazing dream.

    But now, like Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas Morn, with
    snow in the air and the promise of rebirth given, I know what
    I should have known in my dumb shambles: that it is all a lark,
    and it is a beauty beyond tears, and also a terror. But I dance
    about, I become a child, I am the boy who runs for the great
    bird in the window and I am the man who sends the boy run-
    ing for that bird, and I am the life that blows in the snowing
    wind along that street, and the bells that sound and say: live,
    love, for too soon will your name which is shaped in snow
    melt, or your soul which is inscribed like a breath of vapor on a
    cold glass pane fade.

    Run, run, lad, run, down the middle of Christmas at the cen-
    ter of life.

    (signed) Ray Bradbury

  104. Thank you LttL.

    Everything you said from beginning to end is the truth.

    Knowing Hume as I do, like yourself, only from a comments section, only from a name I liked at first glance, a picture I already loved, a body of work on Huffingtonpost, which was already vast when I arrived.

    Hume was someone you could know in a lot of different ways because he had this towering mind. He was capable of processing this enormous volume of information and simplifying a lot of thinking into a single comment.

    So you’d stumble into a late night music slinging match and find Hume there “dancing” and talking icecream while writing against the Bible quite fiercely.

    Then, when misconstrued, he’d be still dancing, but now equally fierce about religions and the equal rights of believers to practice their beliefs, he’d go at them with the First Amendment, with equal ferocity. Still dancing.

    You could wander on to some NASA thread a day or ten later and find a gem of a Hume comment there, using that same broad human view of his to talk about things he obviously cared about, physics and science and the progress of man.

    Whether it was basic civics, advanced civics, basic physics or advanced physics, Hume was both learned and deeply learned, so he could make a case for his arguments all right. It was awesome to see.

    The longer you knew him the more you realized this person is endlessly interesting. He thought a lot about a whole lot of issues. So like everyone here, I saw a lot of sides to Hume because he was a very multifaceted man, he was a multi-muti-faceted person really, unique.

    Friendship is strange. It can come in the form of picture on a comments page and a comment which leaves you in tears of laughter.

    I offer this one example of a classic Hume reply.

    HumeSkeptic Jan 27, 2009 at 19:36:28
    “Call me a terr0rist, but don’t call me a Republican.””

    Rest In Peace, good Hume.

    I loved your humanity and will miss your wisdom.

  105. I loved reading Hume’s comments. I noticed it when they weren’t there anymore and wondered if he had changed his “name”. It may sound silly but when Hume “fanned” me I felt very flattered and pleased. Flattered that a person I didn’t really know but admired for his knowledge and depth thought something I said was worthy.
    I can only imagine your sorrow but it must have been a joy to live with someone so astute and engaged.
    We will miss him at the HP boards.

  106. Last night, while reading some of Hume’s old comments, I came across the following. I think this comment shows the working of his mind and heart, which, in his case, were one and the same:

    I was a Kucinich supporter, not because I thought he had a chance, but because I wanted him in the debates for as long as possible, to compel others to speak the truth.
    Then it came down to Hillary or Obama. I had pledged way back in 2003 to work against her, because of her consistent pro-NeoCon votes on war and foreign policy.
    I disagreed with some of Obama’s positions, but I agreed with most.
    I started my research on him. The more I learnt, the more I liked him. No, I actually started admiring the man.
    Then came the Reverend Wright attacks, and I moved completely into Obama’s camp, sending him the maximum allowed donation in one lump sum.
    In one day, I became an “Obamabot”.
    This, although backed-up by my research, was instinctive.
    Like all Liberals, I instinctively move to defend whoever is under unfair and unjust attack. (Check your own instincts. If you don’t do that, you are not a true Liberal 🙂 ).
    I vigorously opposed Obama’s position on FISA, but only in an attempt to change his mind. I knew, and said so, that I would stay in his column. I knew that I can’t have everything I want.
    At this point in this election cycle, I am convinced that Obama is not just the right choice, he is a leader that comes along every few generations, and changes human condition for the better, not just in America, but around the world. He is very special.
    I hope that some here relate to my thinking and find some value in it.

    It is illustrative of how his sense of justice and his compassion interacted with his logic and methodical approach of a physicist.
    Agree or disagree with his politics, he was, as I said in an earlier post, one-of-a-kind.

    • Yes, he was one-of-a-kind. I used to tell him that all the time, and that he was my special candy bar. I remember that comment. Thank you for posting it.

      • Midnight, your touching adoration of Hume must have been an enormous comfort to him. Would that we could all be that lucky in our inevitable final months and hours.

        • Midnight Rain

          Thank you, K. Yes, I adored him. And, yes, he was deeply appreciative of the love and care. He will always have a special place in my heart. I did not give anything to him that he did not also give to me.

    • Thanks fore reposting that one…I remember it well.

  107. Brilliant, LTTL.

    Late 2008 I shared posts with Hume. At that time I told him he reminded me of Optimus Prime, the leader of the Transformers. He seemed to enjoy that concept and so did I.


  108. I’ve been trying to think of a poem that encapsulates how I feel on hearing of Hume’s passing. I finally remembered one of my favorites, by Dylan Thomas:

    “Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
    Because their words had forked no lightning they
    Do not go gentle into that good night.

    Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
    Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
    And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
    Do not go gentle into that good night.

    Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
    Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    And you, my father, there on the sad height,
    Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
    Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

    It’s amazing to me that Hume posted on HuffPo right up to the end of his life. Perhaps he was “raging” against the dying of the light, and for that I admire him. Many of us would have felt sorry for ourselves had we known we were about to meet our end, but Hume kept being Hume. And how wonderful is that?

  109. BeyondGoodAndEvil

    Very sad to read of his passing.

    Hume was a bright and good person.

    The first time I ever communicated with him, (when he had less than 200 fans) was sometime early on in the primaries.

    We had many disagreements, most of which were fairly civil, and I enjoyed debating him on philosophy and policy.

    He was undoubtedly the most prolific poster on Huffy, and he will be missed.

    Rest In Peace Humey. I hope you didn’t suffer too much towards the end.

  110. I am going to attempt to do something small and nice to honour CarlVee and Hume tomorrow at 9,350 feet.

  111. Midnightrain,
    It is clear that you knew Hume very well, much more deeply than I did. I can’t say much other than the fact that in many ways, he and I couldn’t be more different. I, from a village in Bangladesh, had just finished my Ph.D. He, only ten years older than me, was already a well known American physicist when I met him in 1996. He attended a paper I presented at a conference. He walked up to me after my presentation and told me that he liked the way I think and he liked my math. We ended up eating dinner together that night and talking physics. Knowing that I am a Muslim, he asked if it was OK for him to have drink in my presence. I was shocked. No American had ever asked me that.
    I was looking for a teaching position and not having much luck. He told me to contact a friend of his at a major university. To make a long story short, that was the beginning of my career. To his last conversation with me, he insisted that he had little to do with me getting that position. I know better.
    There is so much more I can say about him, but I will not, because I didn’t ask for his permission.
    He was my friend and my teacher – a teacher who taught me how to think, not what to think.
    I know that he was an atheist. But I prayed for his health every time I was in touch with my God (Allah) and, as Hume often teased me, I pray way too much (five times a day). I think God wanted him more that I did.
    Peace, my friend Midnightrain. I will say no more. He will be with us, guiding us, and making us laugh, always, because we both knew him well, even though from very different perspectives.

    PS: Thank you, SouthpawBeagle, for allowing me to post my thoughts here. It means a lot to me. Thank you. I have arranged for a special prayer for Hume this coming Friday, at a mosque in Detroit.

  112. sarcasticfringehead

    Southpaw Beagle, that was a truly wonderful, thoughtful and well written eulogy/musing about the death of our fellow poster, HumeSkeptic.

    This whole posting business is a very odd thing, as you well noted. We’re all anonymous strangers, sitting at computers alone, amusing ourselves with our own writings and those of others — basically existing in our own isolated worlds. Yet we’re drawn to return, again and again, to try and connect with each other in this most detached and ephemeral way.
    I think you hit the heart of the matter when you wrote, “One could make the case that our need for regard and validation is why we signed up for HP to begin with.”
    Well, whether HumeSkeptic wanted regard and validation or not, he certainly got it from me. I will miss his informative and witty posts. I considered him to be a “lion of the left,” someone who cherished human life, intelligence and dignity over wealth, status and power.

  113. SPB, that was a wonderful eulogy for Hume.

    I had the pleasure of sharing a couple private emails with him during the HC debate, and he offered words of wisdom about politics, life and “never giving up”.

    I never truly knew the man, but I will always cherish the pearls of wisdom he offered.

    May he rest in peace, and I vow to keep fighting and never give up against the forces of injustice, just like he would have wanted.

    Rest in peace Hume.

  114. I will miss Hume; he had the courage of his convictions, possessed great clarity of thought, and was an eloquent writer. My sympathies to those individuals who actually knew this man, for their loss. Truly he was a reason to read the comments at HP and now that he’s gone, and with the dire censorship and sophomoric commentary, HP is a mere shell of its former self.

  115. Thanks for your words, LTTL

    I didn’t always agree with Hume, but his passing has left a void in HP that can never be filled again.

  116. Claude Remains

    Last night, over a few cocktails (Sorry, Hume — I’m not an ice cream fan, and sorbet didn’t seem ‘right’) I started thinking about the fun I had posting with Hume.

    My best memory?

    One night, the WooWoos were accusing Hume and I of being agents for MOSSAD — posting “Megaphone” messages.

    Almost without thinking, Hume and I both started sending our posts through a translator program,

    Our posts appeared in Hebrew…

    In that vein:

    “Shalom, bruder!”

  117. ThunderclapNewman

    I’m glad that the staff at HP is going to do a memorial—it’s very fitting.

    I first encountered Hume five years ago (with a long-ago-banned name) and I was astonished at the breadth of his knowledge, the depth of his passion, and the sharpness of his wit.

    I liked him instantly.

    Nothing changed that, even when we disagreed about something. We are much the poorer for his passing.

    He was truly sui generis.

  118. Hume and I were supposed to go piss on rayguns grave together, I will have to go solo now.

    I liked Hume, he was entertaining and loved his country and countrymen. I was really sorry to hear the news.

    Your post on Hume was excellent and I am glad you share with us your thoughts no matter how sweet or how sick they might be.

    • Hey Brady I’m up for that field trip. Hes in California right? In honor of Hume and Carl I would be humbled to accompany you in this task.

      • I’m in LA and I would be up for this. I promised Hume many times I would join him if he ever went to piss on Reagan’s grave and, dammit, I feel like at this point it’s one of my callings in life.

  119. The other night, I came on Huffington Post to catch the News, and read some of the many Post from my “FRIENDS”. I’ve been Banned since January, but I keep coming back to read the Funny and informative Comments from you guys. It broke my HEART to hear about Hume, and to be honest I shed a lot of Tears, which reading about him. The two Favorite songs of Hume: ” It’s Closing Time”, and “Feels Like Rain”,,,,,, I bought both of them so I’ll think of HUME and all of my Friends at Huffington Post……I miss you guys….and my Heart is Sadden by the lost of Hume.

  120. Thank you Beagle, for writing such a wonderful Tribute to our friend Hume. He will be missed. I just found out the bad news today. I’m still in shock.

    He was one of the first people I fanned and one of MY first as well. He was very welcoming to the site, when I first started. I learned so much from him.

    I’m going to miss him.

  121. I was shocked and saddened to hear about Hume tonight. I was usually in agreement with what he wrote; what was more important, though, was that every time I read his words, I learned something.

    Thank you, Southpaw, for your tribute to Hume and for this space dedicated to our acknowledgment of him.

    His death reminds me of words I read several years ago on a panel of the AIDS memorial quilt. Such panels were usually made by the friends and family of the individual who died. One panel in particular touched me deeply because it was made by the individual himself prior to his death. He wrote:

    “As I walk to the edge of all I have ever known and take my first step into the unknown, one of two things will happen: either my feet will find a safe place on which to stand, or I will learn to fly.”

    Enjoy the flight, dear Hume. The laws of physics can’t stop you now.

  122. We all miss you tremendously Hume. Thanks for all the great comments and insights. Perhaps you will still be joining us in spirit throughout our blogs.

  123. Have to confess, I spent a good hour or so reading Hume’s comments today. I always, and I mean ALWAYS enjoyed them. I got to his comments on James Carville’s meltdown over the Gulf Spill. And I nearly peed my pants laughing. OMG, this is truly Hume in his element. Guess I should have spent more evenings up at HP with you guys. I tended to be a day poster who comes & goes. I was only up there in the evenings around election ’08 time and I remember having a great time then, with Hume and all of you.

    End of an era. And I will go on reading Hume’s comments. For me, he struck my funny bone in the same vein as Calvin and Hobbes or Woody Allen. He was just so goddamn funny and brilliant.

    Man I really am still shocked and miss Hume.

    And I guess I always identified with him being an atheist and an die-hard Kucinich supporter.

    Where will I find another HP Kucinich supporter?


  124. SouthpawBeagle, I just want to say that I’ve been back here a few more times since I originally posted to read all the tributes to Hume. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing us with a place to pay our respects to and share our memories of HumeSkeptic.

  125. normalintexas

    LttL: Thank you for such a beautiful tribute. Funny how things just pop into your head when you are thinking of a person you have come to know through words and words alone. So it is for me: Ice Cream on the Patio and Democracy by Leonard Cohen will always remind me of Hume. And those are two of my favorite things.

  126. normalintexas

    Floyd: You lover of perch and puppies. You good humor man. You who never failed to make me LOL… I have missed you so.

  127. Tweety misses you Hume ‘Cool Dude’, and I will never forget you. (tears)

    Thanks for the laughs, for sharing your love of music, and even the arguments over Afghanistan…..when you hammered me into seeing both sides of the issue.

    I leave you with the lyrics to the song you posted to me one night on the music thread. Sweet Dreams Cool Dude!

    ** Vienna Teng : The Atheist Christmas Carol Lyrics

    It’s the season of grace coming out of the void
    Where a man is saved by a voice in the distance
    It’s the season of possible miracle cures
    Where hope is currency and death is not the last unknown
    Where time begins to fade
    And age is welcome home

    It’s the season of eyes meeting over the noise
    And holding fast with sharp realization
    It’s the season of cold making warmth a divine intervention

    You are safe here you know now

    Don’t forget
    Don’t forget I love
    I love
    I love you

    It’s the season of scars and of wounds in the heart
    Of feeling the full weight of our burdens
    It’s the season of bowing our heads in the wind
    And knowing we are not alone in fear
    Not alone in the dark

  128. When I glimpsed a comment saying, “RIP, Hume”, I froze. No, this can’t be. We had just lost Carl …

    I asked what happened, telling myself that perhaps he had left HP, as many others had done recently. It was a delaying tactic of the mind, a few seconds before my fears would be confirmed. No one says RIP for a deleted account.

    Then, a barrage of memories of all things Hume started competing with each other in my thoughts. For some reason, “Poor Huck” flashed in my mind first. Huckabee was being persecuted by his own party for being “soft on crime”… nearly everyone at HP was piling on, rejoicing in the demise of a conservative, but not Hume. He ended his post with “Poor Huck”, and I “faved” him, for the thousandth time. Those two words spoke volumes to me.

    While pacing around my coffee table, crying over a person I never met, never spoke to, and now would never hear from again, I remembered his response to my declaration that when (and if) I grow old and sick, damn it, I will go to Goa to die in a drug induced haze. He liked that idea and alluded to it a few times. He recently asked, out of the blue, so when are we going to Goa? Now, I see this in a new light, and my response feels unbearably trite.

    What dignity. Maybe that’s part of the tragedy here – he knew he was leaving us, but we had no idea.

    That he was brilliant is without question. Someone called him “a true unique”. I like that. There is no lack of eloquence in the poignant reflections posted here, starting with the genesis of this tribute, LTTL (thank you for this, you are wonderful), to Midnight’s heartfelt and heartwarming words.

    Thank you HumeSkeptic, for being generous with your insights, wisdom, humor, and music for all these years. Wish I could have faved you a milllion more times.

  129. Hume was quite a force, I remember joining HP mostly because of the quality of people posting like Hume and I didn’t post my first comment for about 4 months because I was a bit intimidated. I remember when Hume fanned me, it meant a lot.

    I miss his wit and his strength in his convictions. There have been many times I copied out Hume’s post and shared them with a like minded co-worker. We have a friendly sparing with a republican Palin fanatic but that is a story for another day.

    Hume always made me smile when he would offer up drinks or ice cream. Hume and many others which I am so touched to see are posting here on LTTL wonderful tribute make HP the force that it is. Let’s face it, it hasn’t been the stores and certainly not the sensationalist headlines – it has been the cast of characters that make HP almost like a virtual family (actually I talk with you all more than I talk with my family).

    Hume may have left us but he lives on in all of us.

  130. Hume was one of my earliest huffy mentors. As one of the fewer early women commenter, he made sure to give me an “atta girl” when I made a good point or used a good analogy. And he was always there to defend and protect against ugly personal attacks, very prevalent before monitoring Back then, those of us who were left leaning where called “moonbats” by the trolls/right and Hume turned it into a badge of honor. I learned so much from him. Not just facts but how to debate and define my point of view without being intimidated or unnecessarily rude.

    As Huffy got bigger there was less opportunity to have the interactions of before and I spend\t much less time there but I always read his comments and he still gave me an “atta girl” from time to time.

    I will miss him much!

    Goodnight, Moonbat ,Goodnight!

  131. BlackDynamite

    I do not claim to have known Hume well. Reading his posts at HuffPo was a joy for me. He had a way of imparting wisdom that was enlightening, & at the same time delightful. To my eye, he was a lover of life, knowledge, & his fellow humans. The sheer volume of posts here are testimony to the people that he touched. As far as he touched me, I am lucky to have learned as much as I could from him in the short time that I have been a member of the HuffPo community. My well-wishes to his loved ones, may you swiftly find comfort in this time of sorrow. He will be missed.

  132. OK, I did my thing. Hope it didn’t come off trite. You can check it out at freerangetalk or PlantPOV.

  133. Garrr!


  134. btw, PepeLepew has a very nice memorial to Hume and CarlIV here:

  135. Well done, Pepe. Thank you.

  136. GrouchoMarxist

    I didn’t think anything could make me “unretire” the GM moniker, but, then, Hume always was a special case.

    Not a lot I can add to what has already been said. I “knew” Hume from the very early days of HP. Which is to say, I interacted with him on HuffPo. Many times teamed up with him playing whack-a-troll, and mixed it up a view times with him when we disagreed.

    Whether you agreed with him or not, you always had to take his arguments seriously, which is more than can be said of a lot of us. He was a good guy and a great poster. Easily one of the best HP ever saw. We’re all the poorer for his passing.

  137. I hope his family sees this and understands that he made an impact on people all over the country with his insight and wit on HP.

    We are all truly the poorer for his passing.

    Post in peace, Hume, wherever you are!

  138. i am speechless.
    that was wonderful.

    (being a Catholic (my own projection), i think he’s read it and will have a few comments for you when you hook up a beer – much later.)

  139. This was a great tribute to someone I felt like I knew so very personally and perhaps I did. Hume is and will always be missed…

    Hume certainly raised the bar on posting on HP and it is up to those that have ability to keep it raised.

  140. Hume, you are missed. I hope that you’re in a better place. You made HP a better place. I know that if you meet the god whose existence you doubted you will let him know. Your followers were idiots!

  141. It never seems like theres enough words once someones gone to express just how much they will be missed, but here goes.
    Hume was one of many on HP that made me feel like I wasn’t alone and could actually speak out when I first logged onto that site. I had never gotten into blogs before so the experience was pretty new to me. So often I felt like a wall flower for lack of a better word but then I would read one of his posts and could find an opening to respond with.
    Rest in Peace Hume you touched a lot of people including me online with your intellect and humor.
    You will be missed.

  142. I am so new here, I feel out of place talking about him around all those who have such fond memories. But, really, the depth of all your sincerity about him must be the true measure of this man’s worth.
    We are all so happy to have known his words, and sad to have lost him.

  143. Sorry to hear about Hume.

    This is so sad ……… any time someone is gone is sad.

    Recently I have lost the dearest person in my life, and I am not even over it yet ….
    ……… so I know how it feels.

    Rest in peace.

  144. Wouldn’t a mass pissing on Reagan’s grave be the ultimate send-off/tribute to Hume? Maybe it’s the Chardonnay talking, but I did promise Hume many times I’d join him in that endeavor and by cracky, we just never got the chance.


  145. Commented Mar 15, 2010 at 21:39:53 in Politics
    “I don’t know or understand what is going on with you Humie. Recently you viciously attacked me out of no where and now you’ve apparently started with someone else. FOR THE RECORD, I have no intention of joining some click or group of posters who have as it’s focal point, “let’s get Hume”. You have NO idea how deeply your assault wounded. I have always admired your wit and posts, and even now as angry as I was, it is difficult to even consider that the loss of our once playful friendship may be gone. There is NO place your at where I haven’t been. Trust me on this. Don’t alienate anymore good people who admire and care about you, try please. A temporary absence may be helpful. I do still love and care about you. For the Record!”

    THAT was my last post to HumeSkeptic. I knew of his diagnosis but obviously was unable to break a confidence, unlike some. Having battled the Big C twice myself, I had some idea of what he was experiencing but couldn’t reveal even to him what I knew. Few have affected me as a fellow blogger like this sweet man. It will be a very, very long time before he is out of my thoughts, if ever. He was that special and I miss him very much. My sincerest condolences to his family and especially his children. We will see him again. Meanwhile, I would have loved to see him debate Gawd!

  146. I crossed paths with wonderful Hume in the early days, May 2006, when things were a whole lot different at HuffPo. No fanning. No censorship. Fewer people. All of us typing away trying to beat back the onslaught of the war and GWB and Republicans and the whole nightmare of those days of feeling so powerless. Doing our damnedest to figure out how to get Democrats elected. Fending off the trolls. And there was Hume: rational, humorous, telling us in a few words how to make it right, and how we must fight it the best way we can. I told him once he should be a paid blogger on HP. He said been there, done that, and had no interest in doing any more than he was doing. It was as if for the time he was right where he wanted to be. He was gone for a while and we all missed him and it was so great he came back. He didn’t say where he was, but now I think that may have been when he went to Jordan? We emailed each other from time to time when we got so frustrated with HuffPo. Recently I was very pissed at the censorship, and went to Hume’s profile to complain to him. Something was wrong, he wasn’t there. I emailed him and he didn’t answer. He always answered. And tonight I know why. This was a lovely man who had great heart and intelligence, and saw things very clearly. I feel so incredibly fortunate for having known him, even though I don’t even know his name. He let us know a lot about who he was and how much the course of things in this country required people to share their truth. I am crushed and so sad to not see him there anymore. You’re the best Hume, just the very best of all of us!! I will miss you!
    Love, Your Friend Meah

  147. Lise / Canuck

    Goodnight, dear Hume ….

  148. Hey Southpaw,

    Does anyone know Hume’s name (or anything about him)? I’d like to read about the guy, if possible.

    I saw that some fucker deleted his last comment. I hope this is an HP glitch, and will be recovered.

    • It’s possible that his closest HP friend, Midnight Train, may have done something with the comment, Kevin, since she, I believe, has been given control of his username and sign-on info.

  149. Lise / Canuck

    I joined HP (first as LiseLives , later as LiseWorks) a few months before the election, very new at blogging, but delighted to find a forum loaded with people who shared my belief that President Obama could make a difference.
    I don’t remember details about who fanned whom first or when I first had occasion to ‘get to know’ the blogger known as HumeSkeptic ….
    What I do remember being aware of, is that somehow, through months of sharing the day-by-day unfolding of events preceding, during & subsequent to the election, I came to have a special ‘simpatico’ with many bloggers, lone was HUme.
    Hume was a front-runner –
    Yes, his posts often revealed a high intellect & a good ability to reason, and were very informative.
    But what connected with my ‘simpatico’ nerve was his wisdom, his soul, his humor & his eclectic love of good quality music.

    Quick vignette :
    Hume, one day, was his feisty, cantankerous self and was ‘coming down’ a bit harshly on one of our own, a young female –
    I came to her defense, mainly because I deemed her to be the underdog in that particular conflict.
    I posted words to her directly, and all I posted to Hume was :
    “Hume ………….??”

    Minutes later, he apologized to her in a most genuine way & simply left a smile for me.
    I needed nothing, personally – I just needed him to do the right thing.
    From that day forward, our posts back in forth, including many with music links & many more with humor, sometimes even with naughty humor !, seemed to count more – there was an unspoken understanding that, through all the banter, he aspired to be the best he could be & he most often was …..

    All I know is that Hume found a place in my soul & that’s the part that mourns him –

    Goodnight, dear Hume ….

  150. Lise / Canuck

    I neglected to thank LTTL for a most poignant & truthful written tribute & for allowing us a place to set down our feelings about HumeSkeptic – thanks, friend –

  151. thatsitfortheotherwon

    Wow Southpaw, tough duty eulogizing a man you have never met, but you pulled it off with aplomb (as always). And you also managed to get responses from about 90% of the folks I have fanned at HP.

    Not to go OT, but how can we channel this good energy in November? Hmmm?

  152. Hume and Carol, you will be missed. Requiescant in pace.

  153. Many of you have probably seen this, but I though I’d post it here anyway:


    May HumeSkeptic and CarlV’s words, ideas, and memories live on.

    • BikeCommuter-Principaldad

      I am glad that HP chose to remember Hume and CarlV in a blog. It shows a level of commitment and respect you don’t see from many sites.

      But, am I the only one who is disappointed that it came from the moderation team and that they chose to use the space to defend their moderation failures?

      • I noticed that, too, but I wonder if it’s partly due to their self-consciousness in “revealing” themselves to the community. I’m glad for the tribute, though, and it says more good things about the community (including the mods) than not. 🙂

  154. JerseyGirl4Obama

    What a wonderful tribute Southpaw. I will miss Hume’s posts. When I listen to Mozart, I will think of him.

  155. Thanks for the tribute to Hume. Quite moving indeed.

  156. Godspeed Hume…I always looked forward to reading your comments on HuffPost.

  157. Beautifully done LTTL, as per your usual.

    Rest in Peace, Brother Hume….
    You made a difference…what more can be said of a man’s life?

  158. Farewell, old chap!

    We had the best of discussions, we had the worst of discussions – but first of all, we HAD discussions, like intelligent, educated, respectful human beings should always be able to have with each other, disregarding their respective stance or conviction.

    I have learned a lot from you, Hume. And, maybe, in my best posts, sometimes I was able to give you something to learn from me, too.

    Greatest respect to a most respected human being, and condolences to all those, who were left behind from this old, grumpy german writer.


  159. Wow.. shocking loss. Wonderful response from everyone I’ve hung with, and was glad to have had the pleasure to hang, even this past New Years with Hume, and everyone else who was around.

    R.I.P, Hume


  160. HarukoHaruhara

    I didn’t know him that well, but I’ve sure been awful impressed with the response to him. He reminded me a lot of my grandpa, plenty exasperating sometimes , but you sure wouldn’t forget him!

  161. I miss Hume.

  162. I’m still finding it hard to believe that I will never see another posting from Hume on HP ever again…..I just find it so very sad that such good people have to leave this earth when they have so very much to offer. I will miss his intellect and his smarts so very much. He was definitely one of a kind and I am still so very sad that I will never have a real opportunity to ever meet him in person and pick his brain. He taught me humility at times when I needed to be reminded and his perspective was also so wonderful. He will be missed greatly and forever!

    Rest in eternal peace Hume 🙂

  163. I wanted to come here today because I was thinking of HumeSkeptic and how I miss his postings over there. It’s not so interesting anymore because he had such a presence.

    You are missed Hume.

  164. Came here to say that I miss you Hume…I didn’t even know you…and yet I cried….you were a force…and I am sure that there are many that feel the loss……..

  165. Pingback: The Huff Watch Blogger, Huff Watch Beej? Or HumeSkeptic? Who Was the Bigger Man on Huffington Post? « Huff-Watch Beej

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