Love Letters from Ronald Reagan to Errol Flynn Found in California Attic

Decades old suspicions that Ronald Reagan was gay were substantiated recently with the discovery of a stack of nearly 70-year-old love letters in the attic of a home in Rancho Mirage, California.

“I bought this home about a year ago from some guy who claimed to be Errol Flynn’s nephew,”  said Buster Hyman.  “I started cleaning the attic finally and came  upon a whole bunch of crap including these letters.  Some of them are pretty explicit man….even for those days.”

Buster Hyman

One of about 40 letters from Reagan to Flynn, both of whom were in the middle of fledgling Hollywood careers, was dated February 21, 1942 and read:

Dear Errol,

God I miss you.  I miss holding you tightly in my arms on those cold Northern California nights.  I miss the touch of your soft lips kissing mine.  I miss how you undress me with your eyes….and I miss doing it in front of you.  I can’t take much more of this sham of a marriage [Reagan's first wife, Jane Wyman whom he married in 1940].  I only did it because Hollywood has no place for people like us.  One day things will change and guys like you and me will be able to be married.  I hope that day will come soon.  I wish we were together now darling, with you massaging my shoulders in front of the fireplace with the two of us making beautiful love afterwards until the sun comes up as we sit out on the pier watching its rise.

Just say the word baby and I’ll leave Jane and will be in your arms before the next sunset.

Your little gipper,


“Jesus…what a couple of faggots,” said a clearly unromantic Hyman.

Ronnie’s six-shooter is ready to pop !

Errol aims his arrow of love at RR

“Yes, of course there were rumors,” said Flynn historian, Jack Mehoff.  “Everyone knew Errol was gay given his swashbuckling ways and his love of wearing women’s tights and the like.  And anyone in Errol’s intimate circle of friends knew that Errol had a thing for Ronnie….but we never knew Ronnie reciprocated….until now.  Do I think he would have still been President if this had come out then instead of six years after his death?!?!”  What a stupid question.  In this country !?!?!  F**k no!  But if I had known about this in 1979  I sure as shit would’ve leaked it to save this country from the shittiest President of all time.”

Jack Mehoff, Errol Flynn Historian

The love letters were dated within a span of 1942-1952 and varied in length from six pages to simply one line….like this one:

Dear Errol,

Last night was incredible!


“They pretty much stopped in 1952 when Ronnie married Nancy Davis,” added Mehoff.  “I think she scared the gay right out of him…ha ha ha!  That Nancy was a real pistol.”

The letters will be donated to the Ronald Reagan Library in Eureka, California….under lock and key….way back in one of the back rooms where nobody ever goes.

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50 responses to “Love Letters from Ronald Reagan to Errol Flynn Found in California Attic

  1. Jesus H. Christ…I nearly pissed myself when I read this.

    I’m in awe of your awesomeness.

  2. normalintexas

    The clearly unromantic Hyman! Hilarious.

  3. AHAHAHAHA! You are, without a doubt, the best beagle ever! Me and boo are hysterical!

  4. Can you post a photo of one of the letters and the envelope it came in?

  5. Naturally, this is a hoax! I am pretty sure gays had no expectation of ever being married some day soon! What a load of crap, this is! Funny, if you want to look at it that way, in a satirical sense. I am very familiar with the life of Errol Flynn and have contacts with his surviving family and trust me, Flynn was not gay so this is all non-sense. None of his former wives said he was gay, quite the opposite. His former room mate David Niven has said he was not gay, and his children all said he was not gay. His last girlfriend, the late Beverly Aadland (Fisher) said he was not gay – in fact, only someone like Charles Higham with an agenda of his own has made the accusation. Others in Hollywood who repeat this are doing so without knowing anything about him. They like to repeat gossip for interviews but it doesn’t make any sense at all if you look for facts…

    • As much as I want to believe this story I have to agree with you David. It’s a total and complete HOAX!

    • David, while I agree with you that this seems clearly a hoax, there are other biographers that claim Flynn was bisexual—–David Bret, for example, in “Satan’s Angels.” I don’t think they all have an agenda. Also, consider how likely it would be for a wife or girlfriend to make this claim about him.

      • jesus christ!!!! This fucking article was written three years ago and you people ARE STILL FUCKING FALLING FOR IT!?!?!?! FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCK !!!! Only the king of the king of fucking morons would actually believe this shit!!!! IT IS NOOOOOOOT TRUE ! Read my fucking lips: I-T I-S N-O-T T-R-U-E !!!!!!!!!

        • Where do you get this info This info is worth millions You sir sound like a broke delusionsl loser Proof Call Diane Sawyer and give the workd documented proof Oh yeah get a life

          • Me get a life? You’re the one who had nothing better to do on NY’s Eve but go to an obscure blog that nobody reads and bother to make a histrionic comment that nobody gives a shit about. Perhaps you should have a brain transplant with a chimp so by NY’s Eve 2014 you’ll be ready to go out and have a swinging good time.

    • David , you are clearly ignorant of FACTS,, Errol Flynn was definitely a well documented homosexual, as was John Wayne!! Never heard of “beards” look it up old chap!

  6. Wow! You guys got me! Someone sent me this link and I thought it was really intended to be taken seriously! Then I noticed the title of the page! Great going, guys… Mockery, indeed!

  7. BS! I requested back in November to post a photo of the letters and to no avail has anything been posted. If you have any evidence that back up your statements you need to publish it with provenance. Your comments as of today are nothing more than heresy and gossip. Govern yourself accordingly!

  8. I heard that Ronnie was into snow ball’n…and yes he did reciprocate

  9. Nancy Davis Reagan

    Now I know why Ronnie always loved it when I strapped on the 15″
    ….we named it “Errol”

  10. Woooooow you know errol flynn was the man when I was young watching all his movies but to each his own but I just love that old ronnie boy aka gipper or should I say the dipper that is to funny he was a pillow biter ha ha ha

  11. A 12 year old with more sense than YOU

    How dare you say that Errol is GAY!!! this was clearly written to trash his reputation. He was a great actor and this is a BUNCH OF BULLSHIT!! Wearing tights was just a costume he had to wear in movies so he could MONEY!!. Now tell me, wouldn’t you wear tights if you got a nice paycheck? And furthermore there is absolutely no EVIDENCE!!!!!!

    • No evidence? You don’t call his having posed buck naked, in the arms of another man I might add, in the Dec 1949 edition of Blue Boy magazine evidence?

      ….you don’t call his having been the Grand Marshall in NYC’s 1953 Gay Pride Parade, at which time Errol was wearing nothing but a star-spangled thong, evidence?!?!?

      ….you don’t call the fact that Errol was once quoted as saying his favorite things in life were making motion pictures, pizza, and being on the receiving end of a buff convict evidence?!?!?

      I guess the question I would have for you would be, how much more evidence do you need?

      ….that, and are you secretly in love w/ Errol Flynn yourself? Well….ARE YOU?!?!?

    • Your complete overreaction & the fact that you feel that being gay is something that can “trash” ones reputation strongly suggests that you’re either a homophobe or waaaay back in the closet. In which case it gives me great pleasure in informing you that your hero, Errol Flynn, was bisexual, as have been many apparently ‘straight’ Hollywood stars. Reagan I have no idea about & personally don’t care, as I do not judge people on their sexuality, but purely on their personality.

  12. If not for the header stating this was a spoof, I would have loved to see the conservatives deal with this news of their annointed hero. They would have been squirming and trying to denounce it all as fast as possible. LOL

    Well written, and loved the name of the home owner who “found” the letters. LOL!

  13. this stuff is funny. what’s funnier is people who don’t have a clue and get defensive. which leads me to ask — why continue to read about something you don’t like? she’s right. get a life! quit thinking the whole world cares about your sorry little needs and ego.

  14. I don’t agree at all that Reagan was the “shittiest president of all time.” The man rebuilt the military and spy agencies after that moron Carter destroyed them, and he restored America to prominence in the world. For that alone he deserves a tip of the hat! Except for the Liberals and Left he is still revered. Hey, even Obama likes him!

  15. Southpaw, YOU’RE the sphincter… plain and simple! Reagan WAS a good president.. Just because he didn’t meet with YOUR approval doesn’t mean he wasn’t a good president. He did more for this country than the ‘pos’ in office now!

  16. Impossible! Maybe Reagan, who cares but Errol can’t be gay.

  17. Pingback: Now I know where I went wrong....and other off tangent gossip.

  18. Incognito is logical in his opinion and sounds like he has a sense of levelheadedness… direct contrast to the egotistical and nasty “SouthPayBeagle”, a pervert with a perverted agenda that is obvious.

  19. The stack of letters have never been substantiated. There is not any proof or provenance to back up his claim. The guy obviously has some severe mental problems and should be investigated by national security.

    • Jeez Phil….then send me a bill….cause I’m only a shill….who got my fill and then got very ill….from eating road kill…..down by the mill…..and then took a pill….and now I’m just sick of Phil

  20. Read about Howard Hughes and Errol Flynn is linked to him sexually. Along with other male actors no one would think was gay / bi.

  21. There is no doubt that Errol was bisexual. He had a try everything attitude, including drugs. He had a sexual encounter with Bruce Cabot and a number of other co-stars however he was very much more attracted to beauty.

  22. You are a liar sir! I did not like Reagan and disliked his wife even more but you are a lying piece of shut If you had proof and didn’t snesk ariund spreading such Crapo you would have made millions And we would know your. Name Never heard of you except by accident I hope you get warts every whete possible ASSHOLE

    • If you’ve reached this site by accident, please type the following into your address bar so that you can safely return to where you were supposed to be to begin with:


  23. Are there other, verifiable, sources for the rumors about either of these gentlemen being gay?

  24. If the Regan Flynn story is true it just goes to show that people in all position have a right to choose their own sex. If they felt fine being gay more power to them. Flynn was a hard man to resist, and Regan was a big man in Hollywood and Washington. Go for it boys

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